Klay Thompson’s sister broke a cable and came to life!

BigDawsTV (DR) / Rawel Visual

In 2017, it wasn’t clear the resemblance between Klay Thompson, YouTuber BigDawsTV and the new tenté de duper tout le monde lors du Game 5 des Finales entre Warriors et Celtics… it was all very good trop loin, and a subiquences lourdes consé!

After having certainly trembled during the hours leading up to the big rendezvous, all Warriors fans were thrilled to meet this Monday night. Steve Kerr’s home did what it took to satisfy, winning Game 5 against the Celtics (summary here) and taking the lead in the series (3-2). A spectator of this match nevertheless left the room prematurely, with an obvious feeling of anger:

I was in Game 5 and the Warriors came to banish me for the life of their children.

Clone Klay Thompson’s Wish on Chase Center radio

Auto-proclamé by Klay Thompson, YouTuber Dawson Gurley, alias BigDawsTV, states their nom durant les Finales 2017 making each other pass for the rear in a Golden State match in the streets. Oh well, this time, he was able to squarely access the entrance reserved for Dubs employees and even shoot on the parquet! A trumpet too important in the eyes of the Chase Center, which decided to serve with a letter of exclusion:

The video was initially frustrated by the decision, to which he reacted on his Twitter account:

Banni because I passed 5 layers of security agents (who voluntarily let me pass without asking for an identity card) and because I shot on the floor for 10 minutes. I also spent $ 10,000 for tickets that they don’t want to reimburse me. Why should I be banned when it is their security that is incompetent?

In the end, even if he could no longer surpass his physical resemblance to the rear star, Gurley ended up relativizing and satisfying himself from this evening that moved for him:

Does that mean losing $ 10,000 and being banned for life? Absolutely. I was an NBA player for 10 minutes frérot 😂😂

In the tenue de circumstance, the sosie de Klay Thompson and therefore eu right to 10 minutes illegally en marge du Game 5 des Finales. Notice to those who are interested: the video of all this fraud will be released this Tuesday!

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