Klay Thompson and Draymond Green avoided the Celtics in Game 6!

With the victory looming in Game 5, some Warriors immediately wanted to keep the Celtics on guard in view of their next clash. As an example of the examples of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, you have proposals in Boston!

If they wanted to take the lead in this series for the first time, and lead to the next match with a relative serenity, they knew precisely that they would have to deliver a collective effort on their floor. This is exactly what the Warriors, winners of a Game 5 stumble upon despite poor Stephen Curry (summary here). From what it feels like to fly wings at the end of the encounter.

Alert messages from Klay and Draymond in Boston

Not necessarily very successful at the start of the series (35.8% on shooting, 34.2% on 3 points), Klay Thompson has shown much more to his advantage in recent hours. He is thus one of the great craftsmen of his team’s victory, with 21 points scored and an address found (7/14 in the shoot, 5/11 behind the arc). At a press conference, the sniper and dès lors displayed a great assurance at the moment to express themselves on Game 6!

I was never too excited about the idea of ​​going to Boston, I can assure you!

Thompson has what it takes to be impatient, who undoubtedly has full confidence in this capital event and can be decisive. Even more so by recognizing his passivity in Game 6 of the playoffs, which earned him the nickname “Game 6 Klay”. For his part, Draymond Green was left to speculate that Steph Curry should also have wanted to settle accounts with his performance was historically poor this Monday :

He finished 0/9 at 3 points tonight. It’s going to be a mess approaching Game 6. That’s exactly what we don’t need.

Klay Thompson who always flashes at this kind of meeting, Steph Curry who arrives with a sense of revenge… The signs are nothing of rejoicing for the Celtics. Add to this an Andrew Wiggins in full form and experience the Dubs at these meetings, and you will get an explosive cocktail in favor of Golden State!

Sur un petit nuage à l’issue du Game 5, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in unseen dejà hâte for match 6 debut. It has to be said that the balance is now very much on the side of the Warriors in these Finals!

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