Kim Tillie wants to return to France

After a season of discovery in Japan on the paradise archipelago of Okinawa, Kim Tillie had opted for a return to Europe last summer. Quality of life, the Azureen has not lost much since he was elected home to Rhodes, one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Especially, at a sporting level, after a 2017/18 season marred by injuries to the Olympiakos, he was able to prove his worth in the eyes of the ESAKE by emerging as a precious player of the Colossians (8.5 points at 42% , 5.6 rebounds and 0.8 decisive passes for 10 evaluations in 22 encounters), surprising third of the championship.

“My return to Europe was rather not bad,” he says. “At the beginning of the season, there were no extraordinary goals and at the end of the account, we finished third behind the Olympiakos and the Panathinaïkos. It was a pretty exceptional season, practically the best in the history of the club, where it was a bit fair in the playoffs (elimination 0-2 in the quarterfinals). In April, we lost to Larissa who pushed the Panathinaïkos to a decisive fifth match in the semi-finals. It made us a little less sad and we will remember that we had a very good season. »

A contact with Fos but …

As Kim Tillie approaches the end of her career (34 years next month), the French international (42 selections, bronze medalist at the 2014 World Cup) will now not be up against a return to the house. It is true that the Betclic ELITE is not really the championship that will have marked its career, in contrast to Vitoria, with which it had reached the Final Four of the EuroLeague in 2016. On the way out of the University of Utah , he had certainly experienced two promising years with ASVEL between 2010 and 2012, before going through a semester contrasted with AS Monaco in 2019/20. So could he live a third tricolor experience soon? This is what he wants to post publicly.

“I only signed one year in Rhodes. They change coaches, I don’t know who will be the new coach, if the leaders want me to resign so I’m a little waiting. Otherwise, I would like to return to France. I asked my agent to search in all the French clubs to see if there was an opportunity for me to come back. So I attended. »

So, Dylan de Abreu said in response to Kim Tillie with the power to pour Fos-sur-Mer. A contact prize was well initiated by the BYers but by the end of last week, no negotiations had been initiated. “If he had to cite all the players with whom we had contacts …”, sighed incumbent President William Raffa. «The staff has a talent of Kim Tillie that cannot be identified. We are in a period where we spend our days establishing contacts. »

Son of ex-coéquipier Jordan Floyd, has a mini-version of Ja Morant?

The 2006 European junior champion is always on the lookout, this is not the case with one of his former Rhodes teammates: Jordan Floyd, signed by JL Bourg. Potentially one of the fairest market strikes in Betclic ELITE if one listens to Killian’s brother, the interior of the Memphis Grizzlies (a filiation link not negligible in the description below …).

“He is a hyper-talented, yet young player, who has his career ahead of him. It’s a nice, posed guy, who works hard at training, always at 1000 at the time. He is very athletic, he can put you on a windmill without getting hot. He has a good three-point shoot, he can end up in the basket in difficult situations, he has the pull-up too. It’s a complete enough player! When he is motivated by the coach, he also gives himself on defense: with his athletic qualities, he can certainly stop great players. In fact, it makes me think a little bit about Ja Morant, it’s the same style in the finishes and everything. Ibuhos se moquer de lui, sa l’appelait “Little Ja”. If you are good Ja Morant matches last year, my son’s profile for my study of him: léger mais athlétique at costaud sur les finitions. If you have s’adapter of the championnat de France, a peu and the physique that is championnat grec, I won’t make much difference. When he played against big teams, like the Olympiakos or the Panathinaïkos, he made good matches, while making it one of the most physical teams in Europe. I wish him the best for now, I hope it goes well. »

Except for times when the military is trying to dissuade a Jordan Floyd drive next season, if he had never really engaged in France this summer …

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