Kheira Hamraoui recounts the terrible aggression, seven months later

In an interview given to the Team, PSG and France team player Kheira Hamraoui returns for the first time on the evening of November 4, 2021, where she was violently attacked by two individuals. And on the consequences of this case, still not resolved.

Because such a crackdown on violence, which is more about a professional player, is shocking, because one of his teammates was then heard by the police, and the case was released in the following weeks on multiple rebondings, and account settlements in the media or on social networks, “the Kheira Hamraoui case”, or rather the case of his aggression, has marked French football in recent months. But since that terrible evening of November 4, 2021, the interested person has never taken the word to evoke the facts. Until a lengthy interview was given to the Team and published this Tuesday night, at which point the PSG player and the French team give the details, and empty his bag.

“I experienced an aggression of an unbelievable violence, remind her for a first time. Two unknown cagoulés got me out of the car in which I found myself to be stabbed with iron bars in the legs. That night, I was pretty sure I could stay … I was in pain. I tried to protect myself to the maximum. This scene, for me, lasted five minutes. It was unbearable. “I have a very sad, very heavy memory.”

“I want the truth to shine”

And an immense misunderstanding, according to her: “I wanted a peaceful professional sports life before this aggression, shared between my family, my friends and football, continued Hamraoui. Today, I feel mainly the injustice, the anger But also of grief. I would never have had to live in such a situation. Many questions keep me: why me? Why so much violence against my person? I need only the clear truth to calm me down. “

Assuring to have experienced “a real surprise” (“How could they be well informed?”), Hamraoui assures that the following days have also been very violent for her. “It was double the pain for me. Just out of a traumatic episode, I felt the weight of the media machine getting in the way, I was hit by a storm, non-stop, it didn’t. never stopped “, confesses the field.

Blessed by the “denigration campaign” that has been targeted according to his words, Hamraoui hopes to maintain that justice will be done. If she does not go into the details of her teammate Aminata Diallo, heard by investigators and released without any retained charges, she hopes to know the end of the story. “I have full confidence in justice,” she said. I have heard it several times. The investigation is underway. I need this to be concrete to advance in my personal reconstruction. I am calm and patient. truth will end with a spark. “

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