Kheira Hamraoui recounts the terrible aggression and vide son sac

The case had turned the chronicle. Last November, Kheira Hamraoui (32), midfielder of the Paris SG and the French team, was the victim of a terrible aggression. This Wednesday, in the columns of The Teamshe chose to come out of silence to tell her pain. “I have experienced an attack of unbelievable violence. Two unidentified cagoulés got me out of the car in which I found myself to cut with iron bars in my legs. Tonight, I have good faith that I will go and stay … ”let it be explained before proceeding.

The sequel after this announcement

“I’m in pain.” I tried to protect myself as much as possible. Cette scène, pour moi, a duré cinq minute. It was unsustainable. I have a very sad, very heavy memory. (…) I had a real dream come true. These people were waiting for me behind a truck. They were in the right place, at the right moment. ”, she said, raises countless questions about the reasons for this ambush. Deeply marked by physical and moral trauma, the player also had to compose with the envelopment of the media sphere and the repercussions of this variety within the clothing of his club and his selection.

Need of truth

If she did not wish to reveal why the name of her partner Aminata Diallo had been mentioned at the beginning of the case, the former FC Barcelona retiree, however, allegedly wiped out some contact with Eric Abidal, a time associated with her as well. “Eric Abidal’s subject is not one and has nothing to do with the aggression of which I was a victim”she quickly launched, thanking PSG and their staff for their support and avoiding many changes in their habits and behaviors.

Determined to return one day at the Blues and pursue the Parisian adventure, Kheira Hamraoui now wants to turn her page on this terrible evening of autism. With a single request. “A lot of questions come to me: why me?” Why violence against my person? I just need the bright truth to appease me. (…) I have heard it several times. The investigation is underway. I mean, pour avancer and reconstruction personnel. I am calm and patient. The truth ends with a glow »at-elle conclu.

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