Jordan: “You’re talking about LeBron and Kobe, but it’s him that needs attention”

And in search of the best player since Michael Jordan’s retirement, I often think of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. However, His Airness had another candidate at the helm, years ago and the athlete in question had actually lost his temper since.

Passing after Michael Jordan is a pretty titanium task, and rare are those to have had the same back as the Bulls after he either retired in 2003. Shaquille O’Neal was already a little too old to pretend. title, and is therefore quoted regularly Kobe Bryant et LeBron James as known as Chicagoan successors. It’s all deserved, the Lakers’ wing being its main competitor in the GOAT race.

Nevertheless, while even MJ has often claimed that he admires these two superstars, the sextuples champion had systematically the impression that another player was left out. Panayam sa In 2013, he explained that focusing too much on Vino and the King, people had a tendency to forget a young athlete wearing the colors of Oklahoma City. Oh, Jordan didn’t care that he appreciated the latter much:

Michael Jordan admired Kevin Durant in 2013

He will arrive at the summit. You talk about these two, LeBron and Kobe beating each other to know who is the best, but Kevin Durant it will fall through the back door.

A great compliment on the part of His Airness, et the Slim Reaper and the others did not hesitate to make him the same in later years. It must be said that at that time, it was all indicated that the sewer was going to make a carnage on the parks. He already had three best scoring titles in his career, as well as a participation in the 2011-12 Finals against the Bron Heat. And at least one can tell, it’s that the man hasn’t stopped on his way since.

The MVP title was won in 2013-14, the year during which he was also again the No. 1 scorer in the NBA with 32 points on average. If his 2016 start to the Warriors was or how controversial, it also allowed him to recognize the collective consecration since KD won two championship wings at the Bay, as well as two Finals MVPs. To seriously offer his palms and impose himself as one of the best offensive players of all time.

His transition to the Nets is a little more complicated, already starting badly since Durantula had to make the move on his first season down there, due to a knee injury. Following that, he also hasn’t yet arrived to win the title, despite the backing of Kyrie Irving in the Black and White Scout. Question titles, so it still remains far behind LBJ and Kobe who remain four and five respectively.

Michael Jordan predicted almost ten years ago that Kevin Durant would become an all-time player, and he was perfectly right. If he were to bring a title to Brooklyn, the river should even be able to climb into the hierarchy!

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