Jazz’s “astronomical” request for Rudy Gobert revealed!

The trend seems to be confirming in recent days, Rudy Gobert is beautiful and well available on the market. This does not mean that the French will be exchanged, or that the Jazz absolutely wants to leave, but the front office listens to the proposals, if they exist. Nevertheless, and to attract the services of the native of Saint-Quentin, the demand would be “astronomical.”

In 8 seasons with Quin Snyder as a coach, the Jazz and the conference time at the end of the conference. The coach therefore preferred to tell a stop to himself, a story that a new coach tries his luck in Salt Lake City, and allows this roster to reach their goals in the West. But this news spreads a bit all over Utah, since it is now possible to see a large household on the roster.

The current formula? It doesn’t work, with two stars in line to watch: Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. The duo doesn’t really get to be on a parquet, to the point that a start is inevitable to try to move things forward. Spida? Untouchable. It is the future of this organization, and there would have to be a direct request from the player to imagine a trade during the summer. Pour Gobert en revanche, this is another story.

Le Jazz trop gourmand with Rudy Gobert?

According to the latest corridor rumors, the French is nice and well available on the market, at least in terms of offerings. That doesn’t mean he’ll be swapped before the return, but the Jazz are listening to opposing teams. However, as far as I can tell: he will have to spend a lot of money to hope to attract Rudy’s services, because according to Sean Deveney, the leaders are very gourmet.

The Jazz would want a star, a young prospect and picks together in exchange for Rudy Gobert. As one West conference leader explained, the price for Gobert is “quite astronomical. »

Unsurprisingly, the Jazz therefore sees Gobert as a real star, capable of changing a lot of things. Is this the case on defense, without any possible contest, but on attack? This is another story. Given the counterpart demanded, one can assume that the French will not survive the summer, because even if it would be a nice addition, the price should be more than one. Good news for the interested, since he has always claimed his desire to continue in Utah.

No matter the trade rumors, Rudy is getting ready for the new season, already. The travail began aujourd’hui, and notamment related to the condition of the body. The player shared photos of his last workout, which impresses the internet users. It is felt that the French are motivated to make a difference next year, no matter in what roster it will be found.

Rudy Gobert exchange? It didn’t win, not when we saw the counterpart demanded by the Jazz. A team will never give up before, unless absolutely in need of a pivot. We’ll be back in a few weeks, but Rudy seems to be leaving to stay.

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