Janie Poitras takes steps

Now that Marie-Jo Pelletier has retired, another Acadienne must have taken a step into women’s professional hockey to keep company with Marlène Boissonnault. The lucky winner is former Captain of the Blue Eagles at the University of Moncton, Janie Poitras.

If you did not think of the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), the circuit at which evolved Pelletier, or again at the PWHPA, an independent league in North America that is not part of Boissonnault, we will find Poitras.

She will evolve rather at the European Women’s Hockey League (EWHL), a league created in 2004 and reunite 11 formations in the origin of six pays d’Europe. The hockey player from Saint-André, in the county of Madawaska, will play for the MAC of Budapest.

“I see it as the experience of a lifetime,” says the 24 -year -old woman. I simply could not pass up the opportunity to live a year in Europe playing hockey. ”

“And then I will not hide that the pandemic gave me the taste to travel. It was Katryne Villeneuve, a former teammate with the Blue Eagles, who spoke to me about this league. Katryne has been playing a season a few years ago. I did my own research and I liked what I saw in Budapest. I found that it was a beautiful city. So I sent a video with action scenes of me, as well as a message to explain who I was. It worked because they called me, ”Poitras says.

The EWHL currently runs six payers from Europe, as well as Africa, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Kazakhstan. In the past, we have also found teams in Slovenia, Czechia, Germany, Croatia, Belarus, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Needless to say, Janie Poitras had good intentions to take advantage of tourism. She will have a good game since the league calendar only includes 20 matches.

“It is obvious that I am going to visit Italy and Africa. Ce sont deux pays qui m’attirent beaucoup. I signed a one -year contract and it will be seen soon if I want to continue. We will, ”says the one who holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Janie Poitras ignored that again to the point where she could contribute on the offensive plan with the new team. Last season, with the Blue and Gold, Poitras finished in the top scorers of his team with 17 points in 20 encounters, which allowed him to take the ninth echelon of the circuit. His 12 goals elsewhere place him in third place, with only two goals from Panthers manager Jolena Gillard at the University of Prince-Edouard Island. An eclipse for the least spectacular when we learned that Poitras had been limited to four small goals and 10 points in his first four campaigns with the Blue and Gold, either in 102 games.

“I can’t really explain my closure if it’s not what I won in confidence. Last summer, I prepared myself the same way I had done it for years before. I did, however, have the chance to be paired with recruits Érica Plourde and Alexia Desforges. These two girls completely changed the dynamics of the team. There was a quick click between the three of us, ”says Poitras.

“The fact of being named captain of the team also helped me in terms of confidence. At the same time, I knew I had what it took to complete the games of my two young teammates. I don’t know how it’s going to go to Budapest, but I’m going down there to have success in the attack. I also hope it will open doors to other girls here. I would like the hockey players here to be able to see the idea of ​​pursuing their hockey careers as something very realistic after university, ”added the former No. 22 of the Blue and Gold.

In other words… Janie Poitras is the niece of Alyre Poitras, a former color carrier of the Blue Eagles men’s team. Alyre Poitras had 10 meetings with the Blue and Gold in 1986-1987. The robust-style defender was limited to a mention of help… In her only season at the EWHL in 2019-2020, Katryne Villeneuve set league records of 61 goals and 88 points in just 14 games with the Highlanders of Neuberg , a club d’Autriche. Recorded by Ce sont d’ailleurs deux qui tiennent toujours…

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