Ja Morant’s viral video to start the offseason!

Away from the playoffs a few weeks ago, Ja Morant has been enjoying his holidays, before a season that was supposed to be productive. The manager has started the work, at least in part, as a recent video confirms. Obviously, the Grizzlies player is already very hot for the next.

While the Grizzlies have beaten the Warriors this season, count on this team to return next year, with bigger ambitions. The franchise wanted to make a fuss at the West Conference, and could offer it with a very interesting roster, carried by the talented And Morant. There are those we will never forget not plus Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr. or even Brandon Clarke.

Memphis can clearly dream of the future, with the hope why not be invited to the grand final. However, there is still the boulot, especially for Morant, who will have to learn to stay in good health if he wants to bring his mind to the brink. Work has already begun for the star, at least in part. For now, let’s say I am more busy having the partyleave to trust some people.

Ja Morant met le feu à l’entraînement!

I assure you, Morant is not the time to celebrate. Between a few steps from dancing, the leader is already in the hall, preparing to return to the parks next September for the training camp. A recent video of him also makes the buzz, where the Grizzlie chases the dunks, with a disconcerting ease. Undoubtedly, he is well on his way to injury against Golden State.

Undoubtedly, Morant goes better and enjoys his time on the Miami side between two parties. First of all, surely the fans received the most:

Confirmed by Ja au Heat.

Suffering from his injury, Ja Morant begins work in anticipation of next season. Fan des Grizzlies or not, we already wanted to find the leader on a parquet. In the meantime, he will have to settle for this show in training, before finding his real posters in a match.

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