“It’s really the best addition for the Lakers, he’s going to be able to lock Davis to LeBron.”

While the players market has not yet opened its doors, the Lakers have already begun their recruitment, at least on the bench side. Darvin Ham came in as a coach, and it hasn’t been a long time coming. Starters, but also a few arrivals, who gave Kevin Garnett a treat.

After a disastrous season, the Lakers simply could not return with the same effectiveness, always with title ambition. Even if all is not his fault, it was then Frank Vogel who paid the pitfalls, while players would have to take the door in the coming weeks. This is also the case with the bank, since it is already named 3 departures since the arrival of Darvin Ham. The new coach is making his way, and he’s not happy in Los Angeles.

The coach has a certain vision for the Angelinos, and so much so that the front office totally supports him. He therefore had a privilege of size, which Vogel did not have: the right to compose his staff, entirely. Ham started his chantier, with Rasheed Wallace’s remarquée sur le banc, in 2004, lors du titre avec Ham justement.

A totally beneficial arrival for the Lakers!

It is therefore not a coincidence that Wallace joins the Pourpre and Or today, who hopes to avoid a major impact on this team as an assistant. When asked again to see what he is capable of, but Kevin Garnett is very eloquent. The Celtics legend is visibly fascinated by the Lakers ’first moves, which will do well to the organization, but especially to a few players. Here it is Anthony Davis which is intended.

I think this is great news for the Lakers team. Anthony Davis is a parfaitement with a kind of influence, with the ability to perform constamment and ses oreilles. Rasheed Wallace is one of the best strong flyers who has practiced this sport, and he has a lot of knowledge. He never shared all that with the world, but I could talk to him often about basketball, and he was nothing but a genius. He sees everything.

A very impressive portrait for Wallace, and so we understand why Ham absolutely wanted him at his staff. The debut of a beautiful adventure for the now Lakers assistant, who hopes not to become a coach one day, at least if he proves himself in Los Angeles. There will be more in the coming months, but these first arrivals are very positive. Garnett insists on being a Davis, see himself LeBron Jameswill be positively impacted by such an event:

This is very good news for Anthony Davis. Very nice news for LeBron James. In fact, I think it’s an excellent thing for the entire Lakers team.

Rasheed Wallace has a fan base on Kevin Garnett’s staff, seeing the content of additional additions. Work has already begun for the assistant coach, who will obviously be important with LeBron James at company. Their fans are already conquered with such a speech.

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