“It’s in the stars”

« But what has he just passed? Chalon was not ready! Ohlélé, ohlala, but what has happened? Vichy was not ready! Ohlélé, ohlala, but what has happened? Antibes was not ready! This little refrain, this air that you can easily get into your head, the Blessas sang it, upper arms, lower arms, in the middle of a robe flooded with happiness.

This little refrain is in fact the cry of war, from AS Saint-Étienne, revisited by ADA Blois at the initiative of Captain Thomas Cornely. « I support ASSE and rechanter, it makes me really happy ”, Glides Timothé Vergiat (12 points, 16 evaluations), Roannais originally and supporter of Sainté since birth. Players and staff then jumped in every direction. The pointed finger for some, the raised finger for others. But all together, they won the 4th title in the club’s history on the parquet of the Azur Arena, at the end of a marathon season with 60 fights.

These Greens, in contrast to the Stéphanois, had (finally) experienced the joy of a mountain. This time, all the viewers are green :ADA Blois will evolve nicely and well in Betclic ELITE by the return of 2023. “There, it’s the real thing (mounted), we’re going and going », smiled Julien Monclar, the club’s general manager. “It’s a little bit of our sun, we’re in the stars.” »

The communicative joy of the Bressans
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

Castles of Blois and Chambord: now theADA

Moreover, this is the first time that a Loir-et-Cher collective sports team has reached the highest level. If this is not the halterophile, no sport has carried the colors of 41. Rugby and football are evolving in Federal 3 and National 2, respectively. -et-Cher with that Chambord and for 30 minutes, we talk about Blois with his pro basketball team, ”slides the charismatic Blésois president, Paul Seignolle.

As well as historically, this rise has forcibly evoked even more painful feelings. L’ADA Blois, winner of the 2018 France championship, had not accessed the elite due to the absence of admission from the training center. Two seasons later: rebel and this time, it was the Covid-19 that came to dampen the hopes of rising. The Blésois were then first, the climb gripped their arms and no longer seemed to be able to escape. Not this time. And freak …

“In 2020, he called it all together”

“In 2020, we will all be called together,” said Thomas Cornely, won by the emotion in the phrases. Before adding, the eyes widened: “We saw each other after the Covid-19, we had a meeting together and it was very hard because we felt too well in the team. There were young people, Lucas Bourhis, Lamine Sambe and I passed .. We took this climb, it was very hard. “We don’t have open faces but we still have blues,” said Mickaël Hay, the blue coach, who was finally rewarded. “People will say we deserve this increase but every year, we have to give up the heat. The merit, it does not exist. And Julien Monclar to add: “We haven’t won because we’ve lost before.” »

This climb was far from expected. To make matters worse in November, crippled by the unfortunate injuries of Mbaye Ndiaye and Tyren Johnson, the Paume protégés won the matches they needed to get back on track. “If I had been told by the end of 2021 that it would be there today, I would never have believed it.” Said Mickaël Hay, coach ofADA Blois. « In November, we were at the bottom of the wreckage, we did not arrive. It takes time to ingest what I ask. The players were unconsciously reticent and that disturbed them. For my part, my demands have become minimal on my game fundamentals. They helped me to progress myself. 5, 6 years from now, I will stay on my principles: me too, I grew up with this group. »

enfin-recompensee-l-ada-blois-promue-en-betclic-elite ----- on-est-dans-les-etoiles-1654989832.jpegLucas Hergott lying in tight confetti still I believe …
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

«Tyren Johnson, this is GOAT de Blois»

In this group, on the field as outside, everyone has found their role: Lucas Hergott carefully cut the fillets of the baskets, while Timothé Vergiat, Kentan Facey and Zeke Moore were the first to crawl into the confetti. “And me, I took a shower but it was in the water: I was waiting for that in the champagne. », Likes Mickaël Hay. Really? Timothé Vergiat, a little new this season, responds with a big smile: “He is too demanding, he has too many values, he must be descending to earth.” That’s what it says, coach.

ADA Blois is a human story. Of men, with a big “H”. Comment not writing to Tyren Johnson, cet Américain qui vit sa 5e saison dans le Loir-et-Cher? “He is the undisputed player in the history of the club: he is the GOAT of Blois. At a time when Americans visit clubs one after another, he was inducted into the Palm Game. An abnormality. At the end of Pro B in 2013 against Antibes and Benjamin Monclar did not succeed in motivation. “It really hurt me: it was the first time I lost a championship and I wanted to win,” admits the 33 -year -old Louisianais.

enfin-recompensee-l-ada-blois-promue-en-betclic-elite ----- on-est-dans-les-etoiles-1654989877.jpegTyren Johnson – Paul Seignolle: more than a player relationship – president
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

“The strongest feeling in my career”

Moreover, an image of these finishes is all too captivating but significant. Towards the end of the match, Tyren turned to Thomas, exchanged glances with his game manager, carried him and the two teammates were long intertwined. It was without a doubt the way Tyren Johnson rendered grace to Thomas Cornely. He, the little leader in who little of the world believed and that Julien Monclar made it come toADA Blois, at just 17 years old, to train on Tuesday with the NM1.

“This is the strongest feeling in my career: I really wanted to go up withADA Blois because it’s my club of heart,” says Thomas Cornely, who has shared the last six seasons with Mickaël Hay. “It’s not just the kiffe. I do not believe this car does not include the NM2, if I do not give the clefs du camion en Pro B et cette année, je suis dans le cinq majeur. I grew up with this club and I continue to do so. »

Thomas Cornely repeated the offer a little more than the others: he was the one who folded the match back into the series at money time with a 13-2 (65-63, 36 ‘; 67-76 , 40 ‘), finishing with a royal division: 18 points, 7 rebounds and 7 passes in 22 of the evaluation. The return surprise de Ludovic Negrobar (12 points and 3 rebonds pour 17 d’evaluation) with the Sharks n’a rien change.

There is also Alexis Tanghe: the native of Blois, the man of the four climbers – after Bourg, Roanne and Boulazac – who followed the NM2 club to Pro B, who was one of the pillars of the group. There are also: Mickaël Hay, Julien Monclar, Paul Seignolle, David Morabito – also titled with Espoirs vs … Antibes – and David Pipereau. The list is long, almost endless. Thomas, Lucas, Tyren, Alexis, Timothé and all the others are now back in the history books. ADA Blois, a large family. The end of volume 1 of “The Great Epiphany” at the beginning of another …


enfin-recompensee-l-ada-blois-promue-en-betclic-elite ----- on-est-dans-les-etoiles-1654989950.jpegRendez-vous at Betclic ÉLITE in 2022-2023 …
(photo: Mr. Nguyen)

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