Interview. Football. “Used”, Anthony Deroin leaves the presidency of Villers-Bocage

Anthony Deroin an affronter Ouest Cotentin, in Flamanville in the early saison. © David Capelle

Former emblematic player of Stade Malherbe Caen, Anthony Deroin continues to practice his passion in Villers-Bocage. For ten years, the game manager was also president of the club. At the end of an exceptional season, marked by the rise of three senior teams, the quarterback decided to give up his duties. He explains.

Anthony, why have you decided to leave the presidency of Villers-Bocage?

It’s just the age. C’est plus psychologique qu’autre ang pilihan. The fact of always having to think, to do things, to be available to crowds, etc., was used. I was president for 19 years, ten years in Villers-Bocage and nine years in Rots previously. It’s still a lot of boulot. And then the mentality of now gave me no desire to continue any longer than that. I accept them less. I had less frustration and less envy to beat me on doses. For the club, it was preferable to have someone who came with the gnaque rather than have a president who was fatigued.

Who succeeds you?

I propose mon beau-frère, Thomas Onfray, au bureau. Thomas followed me all the time. He was already vice-president at the creation of the Rots Club. He then let go a little to devote himself to his personal and professional life. It is a little more free, which allows him to take over. The idea was not to keep it in the family, but to preserve the state of mind. There will be some continuity with a new panacea and new ideas. He wants to continue to make this club grow.

“Guys are a little bad at getting back to normal”

What do you refer to with new mentalities?

Relationships with agencies have strained me. You do everything to develop a club and we don’t help you much in return. When I also see all the administrative measures imposed by the league on clubs, it becomes no matter what. Soon, they will require us to employ two or three people to generate all the paperwork to which we are confronted. When one feels no more helpful than that and one is without stopping to load files, it is using. This is not the football I want. I will simply be on the field and enjoy my last good days as a player (smile).

You are the archetype of the passionate. It is often said that there are fewer passionate players and that Covid has accentuated the phenomenon…

All the clubs have it. The players adopted other life habits for two years. The first team always comes out a little closer. On the other hand, there are practically no more people in training in teams B and C. Even for a training on two, it is complicated to have players. Now, they only come to football when they have the time. It was no longer like before, where they came because they wanted to play football and meet friends. “I don’t have a meal planned so I’m coming. This is valid for training but also for matches. The guys had a little trouble getting back to normal, functioning up front.

And you, do you still have the same desire to play?

Completely! Football has been my passion since I was a baby. The only thing I want is to tap into the balloon. In addition, this opportunity brings together a bunch of prizes. It’s top. I am super happy with the idea of ​​sharing those moments with her. Football is the family and the ball.

“The R2, the minimum level for Villers-Bocage”

You are going to find an even more important level in Region 2, since the team has already brilliantly accessed…

We have the chance to have an extraordinary season. I am part of the presidency with teams A, B (in D1, ndlr) and C (in D3, ndlr) speaking. Our veterans have been invincible all year, our U16s too, our U18s are going up in the region… The club has taken on the dimension we wanted a few years ago. The R2 is the minimum level for a club like Villers-Bocage to maintain its structures. The town hall has made us a complex beyond our expectations and what is being done in other communes. At one time d’avoir de super outils. We don’t want to stop there. We will continue dating young people. Ibuhos me, it will be more complicated physically, but I will continue to take good care of myself. I don’t rate the two trainings of the week and I add sessions by my side, I go to the room and I class.

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Will you play the top of the R2 chart next season?

I think the club is in the process of building a team to try to play at the top of the table. It would be a nice thing to surf the current dynamics. The project will eventually reach the R1 level. In five years, one can go looking for something.

“I couldn’t have dreamed better”

We can imagine you very proud to leave the club on this dynamic-ten years later…

When I arrived, there were about 200 licensees. In a double le nombre de licenciés. Our games have progressed a lot, most of our youth teams play regionally. The balance is more than satisfying. The dynamic is more than positive. There is a package of leaders and volunteers who invest in the club. In a une vraie human force. When it comes to sports, it’s ideal. I couldn’t have dreamed better than to leave the club like that.

Can you imagine finding responsibilities in the future, in a club or an instance?

I don’t know too much. The administrative side doesn’t really bother me. It is to be seen, however, that it could allow some things to go awry. Back to what football is. But then, I really wanted to rest for a year. It won’t stop me from winning a match if I need to, or that kind of thing I used to do in the club. I know I will return to the formation of gamins. This is what pleases me. Before that, I need to turn my head, stop with all the wires, text messages and all that. I’m just going to play football with my son. It will be so good!

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