In full health, Zion let go of the training madness, an absolutely shocked fan!

Now recovering from his injury and without any limitations for the summer, Zion Williamson takes advantage of it to have a little fun. With the exception of children a little earlier in the week, the Pelicans colossus wanted to impress the gallery, and one can say that it was a success. A little noise in the circle, and a child’s reaction is already viral.

If he can’t help the Pelicans this season, even in the playoffs, Zion Williamson especially to manage a foot injury. It was well operated last summer, but the healing did not go at all as planned, preventing it from returning to the parks during this campaign. A tough shot for his team, just like the player, who nevertheless wanted to help CJ McCollum and company. On the spot, he will have to wait until next October, allowing him to improve his game on the move.

But before that, the interior will have a very important meeting with New Orleans, to discuss the future. He could sign a contract extension, or not, with the Pelicans. The only big problem? Find an agreement on the amount of the deal. If Zion is the type to get a maximum contract, he has not proven that he was able to stay in good health. A sensitive point, which could possibly cap the negotiations.

Zion Williamson breaks into a circle!

In the meantime, in order to see if the colossus will extend his lease, Williamson makes sure to apply to the community present in the region, the evidence that he sees fit in the long term. He was able to spend a moment with the kids during the week, a story of discussing basketball, all while showcasing his talent. On the menu? A small windmill on the circle, with a masterful reaction in prime.

No doubt, Zion is doing well, he who hopes to be rewarded for this has been with a big contract. In the meantime, he does his best to help others, which has a lot to say about his ambitions for the future in Louisiana. Another sensitive point? Child weight. Not much is seen on the video, but it can be said that there is clear progress at this level:

Now released, Zion Williamson no longer has a problem for martyr the circle, impressing some children in passing. This is just for the interior, which no doubt wants to be in next October, to help the Pelicans to the West. Let him stay in good health now.

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