In Aube, the tennis club is developing more and more

The two outdoor courses of the Club omnisport albin © Le Réveil Normand

Le tennis club d’Aube (Orne) is in development. “The club is part of COA [Club omnisport albin] since the creation of the tennis section in the 90s. I am in charge of the section since 2011 », We explain Stéphane Crouseilles. When he arrived, the club counted only one dozen of attendees.

Today, we have about fifty players, including 15 young people

Stéphane Crouseilles, responsible for the section

Stéphane Crouseilles balaie l’endroit de la hand and precisely “here, this is the multisport terrain of the commune, there are play infrastructures, pétanque fields. It’s one pleasant cadre to play. »

And ya two outdoor lands and a short cover in it omnisport hall of the commune. Built by the City Council in 2010, these lands can be reserved at any time in accordance with available cranes.

Activities put in place

He welcomes the work and theimplications of volunteers which worked for the good development of the club. I salute Michelone of the volunteers, who put in place activities of tennis for young people the Saturday afternoon and who offers one induction to young people from six years to college.

In parallel, the arrival of new players allowed the competition by team and the club to form two teams seniors +45 pour championnats de printemps.

With competitions, there is a sign of development

Stéphane Crouseilles, responsible for the tennis section

An initiative of Michel, a tournoi reconnu par la FFT (French Tennis Federation) was created in 2020“Players with good levels gifts. »

A success for the club since organizing the edition of the troisième this year. This tournament allowed them to favor links with the commune et les entrepreneurswho contributed financially to the organization of the competition.

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Long -sighted, Stéphane already imagines the future.

The idea would be to have a tennis school for children and teenagers with the infrastructure we already have. From six -year -old open courses given by a coach, to make everyone play, he would also have to have a coach to give courses to adults.

Stéphane Crouseilles, responsible for the section

He doesn’t stop there, the tennis manager doesn’t want to leave anyone on the board. «Sa isang le projet aussi de mettre en place le healthy sports. »

En partner with the Departmental Tennis Committee and the French Tennis Federation, the goal would be to “allow people in Ehpad or in the hospital of maintain good health with a coach (s) and adapted courses. »

One of the souhaits of Stéphane Crouseilles would be able to take part in the players’ tournaments high level. “Some have been invited but their participation is not yet certain,” he admits.

The FFT tournament will run from June 17 to July 3, so it’s still time to register.

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