Ice hockey. Albatrosses of Brest: Devèze and Drolet sign in Varèse, Henderson in Rostock – Ice hockey

Claude Devèze, the former coach of the Albatros of Brest, found a club. At this club is none other than the one from Varèse (Italy), which he trained his 2020-2021 before joining Brest. “I signed in Varèse for two years. And if we win, the contract is automatically renewed for two more years. The new personal will be available for this project, ”says the Quebec technician, who will be joined in Italy by his Albatross fetish player: Francis Drolet.

“Seven years of fidelity”

“Francis is definitely coming with me. There will now be seven years of faithfulness between us. He contributes a lot to a team, as much on the ice as outside, ”added the one who allowed Brest to win the 2022 D1 France title.

Francis Drolet had a total of 48 points (20 buts and 28 pass decisives) in the last season with the Albatros.

Another important start, that of Mathieu Henderson, ranked best defender at the last championship, also made. He will join the club in Rostock, Germany next season.

The whole act of the Albatrosses

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