“I feel like I didn’t say my last word”

After a year of arrest, in what state of mind are you in?

“I wanted to take a break, as often after a cycle. There, after five very beautiful years in Bourg, I left when the club was at the summit. You have to know how to start at the right moment. I have been planning for a long time. I had suggestions but I wanted to take a step back, to see what I had done right or wrong, to see if basketball bothered me… I am not at the beginning of my career (laughs, ed.). I want to choose a club that really pleases me. »

Have you thought about stopping?

“I don’t plan on the long term. I take things as they come. If one day I have to stop, I will stop. But I still feel able to work at all levels. I especially wanted to see if the basket missed me. When I looked at the matches this year, I felt that I had not said my last word, that I could still do things as a coach […] It’s not for all clubs. And not all clubs are …

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