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Can you explain the concept of Campus 2023?

Benoît Rover, Delegate Director of Employment and Training, Campus 2023

“Campus 2023 is the CFA d’entreprise, or” beyond the walls “, created in March 2020, within the Organizing Committee of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. It was launched to facilitate the organization of this competition but also to respond to the needs of professional skills different sports structures in view of the arrival of new licensees within the clubs. To this end, Campus 2023 offers a variety of training courses with the aim of professionalize sports structures of the French Rugby Federation. But not only. Fifty federations are affected by this demand for professionalization of skills: cycling, football, athletics, fishing.

One of the missions of Campus 2023 is to connect young people who wish to become involved in sports, tourism and eventual security with training institutions (CFA, universities, high schools, training organizations …) and companies hosting apprentices, in the Metropolis and the Overseas. In other words, Campus 2023 places the apprentices in training establishments and companies in the world of sport, tourism and security. »

How many learners are wanted for the 2023 Rugby France World Cup?

“Since its opening in 2020, Campus 2023 has already recruited 1,400 apprentices. For the start of September 2022, 800 additional apprentices are being sought. In total, plus de 2,000 apprentices will take part in the adventure. This is the opportunity for them to gain professional experience at one of the biggest sporting events in the world! It is also an unexpected experience: it is the first time that a training center has been created for an international sporting event! »

What formations are provided in alteration?

“Several training courses of 13 or 14 months are accessible, at different levels of study. The 800 apprentices expected for the return of September will be able to integrate 4 different courses. In sports, a hundred of them could accomplish the Mention Complémentaire AGSS (Animation-management of projects in the sports sector, accessible after the Bac) and 300 other titles Bac+3 Administrator of a sports structure. The MC also allows access to an eventual project leader position.

In tourism, 200 young people will join the title of Tourist establishment manager (Bac+3). Finally, in the field of security, a Safety and Security Agent course (Bachelor level) will be opened in December 2022 and will welcome 200 apprentices. A dozen seats will also be available within the BTS Operational Security Manager from September (Bac+2). »

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What are the profiles expected by Campus 2023?

“We are looking for young people women and young men passionate about sports at the sporting event, independent, motivated and able to work as a team, but also to project ahead of the World Cup. Following their training, these young people will be able to work on the development of the sport in France. Pour the registration methods, future apprentices can go on the site Candidates are open, according to the procedures, until end of july. But you should not hesitate to postpone as soon as possible: the study of the candidacy file takes time. »

How will young people be included in sports structures? Where are the posts available?

“For candidates, young people must first choose the course that interests them on our site. A map of France is made available to them to identify the different institutions providing the chosen training, according to the geographical area.

If the youngster already has his or her home sports structure, he or she will have to select his or her training site and request a letter of recommendation from his or her home structure. Of course, we are very attentive to the quality of reception of apprentices in every sport structure.

If the young person does not have a host company, no inquiry. We have a large network of partner companies: rugby clubs, departmental committees, regional leagues… Depending on its profile and mobility, we will offer him several offers. Si 70 % of posts concern rugby, 30 % of contracts are to be made within other sports or tourist structures. And posts are available everywhere in France! »

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What missions will be entrusted to the trainees during the Rugby World Cup?

“Consequently, the learners will participate in the ‘Rugby World Cup organization ! Depending on their field and their role in their host structure, they will be able to perform various missions until the final whistle of the competition! »

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