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Recruiters and video analysts have become the essential reds of modern football. Saint-Brieuc and Le Puy, denounced as a recruitment cell, know nothing. President or coach must improvise scout or sports director in each market. Diving in part of Football Manager in real life.

Guillaume Allanou decks from the first ringtone. In this market period, he does not release his smartphone. “That’s more than a dozen calls a day.” , detail it. It must be said that the man with the large carcass and the long hair cumulus the mandates. The president of the Briochin Stadium is also reserve coach and sports director. And even an investigator according to his words. Because the recruitment cell of the Seventh National is limited to “me” , and rigole-t-il. He also mentions the blow on the part of one “Supervisor who covers the N2 and N3 lands in Brittany” .

“The first recruitment is to keep the players we want to keep. » Guillaume Allanou, president of Stade briochin

With more than 700 kilometers of Côtes-d’Armor, in the Haute-Loire, Roland Vieira is no longer on the train to enjoy the holidays but well deserved after the remontée of the Puy Foot in National. He also wore several caps. To that of the coach, he adds that of the recruiter. “The recruitment cell, it’s Olivier Miannay and me, it’s a quick summarypose-t-il. And he also has several responsibilities, he also manages all the staff and is the sporting director of the whole club. » Zone tampon entre les mondes professionnel at amateur, the National possède des clubs o passé récent en Ligue 2 with quality infrastructure and the grand nombre of employees. And others who have to prove their efficiency in the transfer market due to a very thin portfolio and the absence of recruits dedicated to this task.

From video to contacts

Next season, the budget of the Briochin Stadium will be 2.1 million euros, according to The Telegram. This is already about three times less than the 7.5 million cash invested by 777Partners in Red Star. So for Guillaume Allanou, “The first recruitment is to keep the players we want to keep.” We must maintain a form of stability ” . But after the Costa Rican season is over, it’s hard to keep the elements that want to go see higher. Thus, porter Maxime Pattier is now a Concarneau player. Then start the courtisans ball: “On the day of the announcement of its departure, I received tens and tens of proposals to replace it; players themselves, agents or clubs for loans. »

Despite the onset of summer and the return of good days, Guillaume Allanou and Roland Vieira are stuck in their offices and do not take the eyes off their computer screens. Without the possibility of supervising the players throughout the year, the president of the Briochin Stadium feeds videos and statistics to compensate for this, in the first place. “I never watch agent videos, because they are always favorable to playerscertified-t-il. I always watch full matches. Sur Fuch Sports, when it comes to avoir de la N2 and N3. I suggest the ensuite des profils à Didier Santini, l’entraîneur, at lui aussi regarde les vidéos. » Your profile is valid, the active ensuite of Breton itself: “I gather my information with acquaintances of the subject, then I go through individual interviews with questions about the extrasportif, like being a recruiter in a company. Remember that when we hire a collaborator in a company, we pass a series of tests, and that in football, this is not necessarily the case. There is a sports profile, but the first parameter is human. An attempt is made to reduce this unpredictable part. » If they have fewer tools than others to be sure to make a good recruiting, paradoxically, the two clubs are not entitled to error, due to their small budgets. “We have to make strikes in the levels below by promising the players to exist in this championship where the biggest clubs will take the National confirmed players, especially Ligue 2. It is interesting to go and enjoy the little Walid Nassi or Aimeric Gomis. The risk prize is the adrenaline of the trick, but it’s more worth it to see these players perform at National » finished the Saint-Brieuc reserve coach.

“We offer players who are the best scorers in Slovakia or Mali. » Roland Vieira, Puy Foot coach

Senegal, Bilbao and detections

The two National formations have to prove their resilience to be certain to attract THE right player. For example, pour recrutement loufoque de joueurs à l’étranger. Roland Vieira received proposals from “Players who are the best scorers in Slovakia or Mali. But it is difficult for us to go in all safety, there is not much maneuvering to try to strike. ” . Lacking the ability to observe the evolving elements abroad, the Auvergnats focus on a single country. “We have developed a network in Senegal and in the coming years, we want to go and see what is happening in the academies.” , exits the coach. Senegal, is the nationality of Amadou Sagna, the only player who came from outside the borders of France or Stade briochin (sponsored by FC Bruges) in part thanks … to the work of the replacement goalkeeper. “There has been a lot of information gathering work by our guards and duo trainer, son of compatriot Cheick N’Diaye. Without him, one probably wouldn’t do it. He also plays an internal tutoring role to make sure he is well. ” , statement by Guillaume Allanou. The latter often does not go far to find his recruits, in the image of his late Leo Yobé, a Costa Rican exiled to Vannes. Guillaume Allanou: “I try to cultivate a Breton identity, from the Great West, even if it’s not Athletic Bilbao. There are already enough good players in the sector, and I wish he had an identity to which I am attached. And it is also more practical for us. »

This year, Le Puy decided to innovate. On June 7 and 8, the Ponots organized a detection with about twenty players, mostly very young elements. A premiere for the club. “These are players capable of making the supplement effective and pointing the tip of their nose during the season or post-training projectsdevelop the coach. We will try to find one, two or even three players with strong potential. It is in place because there is not always the possibility in the year to move to see them play in the season. » If these youngsters are not preserved at the end of detection, they will still remain on the radars of the Vieira-Miannay tandem. “We have a list of players followed over the years and we try to keep it up to date with data collected every year.blow the Altiligériens coach. We work upwards all year to anticipate. » Because with National budgets, the market never stops.

By Loïc Bessiere


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