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Hockey in France Hockey sur glace – Communiqu – Liste Jean -Luc BLACHE Election 18 juin 2022 FFHG Hockey sur Glace – Election on June 18, 2022 FFHG – Communiqu de la Liste Jean -Luc BLACHE

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Communiqué – Liste Jean -Luc BLACHE Election 18 June 2022 FFHG

The invalidation of our list – announced on May 25 by the federal election monitoring committee – is on hold.

As a result, Jean Luc Blache filed an emergency appeal with the CNOSF. This has been well argued and a conciliation is scheduled this Wednesday, June 15 at 5 p.m.

We will now see if there will be one or 2 lists for the upcoming elections.

Some people have judged it well to put discretion on our list and our work. Maybe he was judicious to analyze the situation well before drawing conclusions that are also ironic !!!

We remain faithful to our commitments. Instead of a few low -level maneuvers to try to exclude us, we are more motivated than ever to win this election. We remain collectively saddened, some of the relevance of our ideas and proud of the work we have already done.

Apparently, our candidacy has stalled.

We were – for our part – had no contact with the other list and we did not try to discriminate against people. This is not the case with our “opponents” as they claim.

Unfortunately, there is so much to do for hockey, and it seems to us that the debate on ideas would have been smarter and more efficient for the future of our sport.

It was without a doubt too much to ask of our opponents !!!

Pour Liste

Jean -Luc BLACHE – Laurent BELLET

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