Hockey sur glace: A fan shouted “shoot shoot”, ses voisins appellent la police


In his living room, before a meeting with the Tampa Bay Lightning, a supporter discovered a funny adventure. As he hurried to his favorites to score, the neighbors believed in a conjugal dispute.

Devon Garnett is a very happy supporter. But then to sow panic in his building…


Who has never taken to a coach watching a sports match on television? Who has never hurled, a little stronger than the reason “but shoot!” or “pass, what are you waiting for!”.

This is what is being produced in the United States. A group of friends following match number 3 of the Stanley Cup final set out to encourage their Tampa Bay Lightning defenders. The owner of the place, Devon Garnett, was a little upset and shouted “shoot! shoot! ”in a hot moment of the party.

Description des faits au 911

Her neighbors, frightened by the screams coming from the apartment downstairs, called the 911 emergency number. Once they had the police online, they explained that their neighbors were beating each other. “For me this has no doubt, it was a case of domestic violence. I told the police that I had heard a couple arguing and that one had said to the other: I challenge you to shoot. And there were like bumps, bumps, ”the neighbor explained.

And for some reason, the team of boys below survived 200% of the Lightning hockey game. “It’s true that I cried very loudly and several times. Then I heard him knocking violently on my door. You are a policeman. One of my friends went out to discuss with the officers who immediately asked him where the weapons were. Oh there there We didn’t fly well obviously not armed, ”recalls Devon Garnett.

Neighbors handed out a pack of beers with a few words to excuse and encourage the Lightning.

Neighbors handed out a pack of beers with a few words to excuse and encourage the Lightning.


After acknowledging their mistake, the neighbors forgave each other by offering him a pack of beers. And the too impulsive supporter promised to shout now: “Shoot the pack!” and a simpler shoot! ».

He also made t-shirts with this logo, in order to raise money for an association militant against domestic violence.

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