Hockey: Here is the most expensive hockey jersey in the world


Wayne Gretzky’s last maillot wore sous les couleurs d’Edmonton in 1988 and sold for 1.45 million dollars. A new record.

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This week, the American company Gray Flannel Auctions, which specializes in auction sales, put up for sale the latest jersey worn by Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky with the Edmonton Oilers, the club with which he won at Stanley Quatre 1980.

The maillot date was May 26, 1988, for match No. 4 in the NHL play-off finale with Edmonton and les Boston Bruins, to report 6-3 for the franchise canadienne (serie 4-0). So it was with this jersey that Gretzky, the best scorer of all time in the NHL, lifted the Stanley Cup for the last time in his career.

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Twitter / @GF_Auctions

Record stone

The sale poured in 1.45 million dollars, the tunique floquée du célèbre number 99 is now the most cherished in the history of ice hockey. It eclipsed the previous record of $ 1.3 million, defended for a jersey by Canadian player Paul Henderson worn in 1972 at the “Series of the Century” in Canada and the former USSR.

Considered by many observers as the best hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky in particular has won the NHL Best Player Trophy nine times, and ten times that of the best scorer. Gretzky (61) still holds more than 60 records in the prestigious North American League, and has just added another line to his impressive palmarket.


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