“Him? I take him every day at the place of Jokic and Luka Doncic”

Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic are two superstars who are part of the orange ball gratin, it’s unquestionable. But that hasn’t stopped a famous journalist from letting them have a gross lack of respect, especially… The player they prefer is indeed an eternal source of frustration.

More years go by, and fewer fans believe that ‘Anthony Davis can hold a full season on his two legs. The Lakers have 40 against 2021-22 and only 76 in the last two campaigns, which have been marred by two huge disappointments for the Pourpres and Ors. The loss of a child is the logical estrangère, the puisque l’ancien n ° 1 of the draft is the principal acolyte de LeBron James.

As a result, many are those to disgust in every sense, overwhelmed by his fragile health. In addition, certain continue to de croire en lui, in commencer Stephen A. Smith. The analyst ofESPN moreover, it shocked everyone a bit, frankly claiming that The Brow was still in the Top 7 of the league’s players. It even went so far as to put in front of two European superstars who carded this season, nothing but that!

Stephen A. Smith defended farouchement Anthony Davis

Ibuhos ang qui est d’Anthony Davis en bonne santé, je le prend tous les jours à la place de Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic. It all includes the loin and dire que je ferais pareil contre Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum. LeBron will not win a title without him in 2020, and he can be incredible on both sides of the field. In Boston or Miami, it would have been the franchise player with Butler or Tatum ats l’équipe.

It is true that if one is talking about an AD in full form, rarely are the players able to perform like him. It speaks of a big man capable of being a nuclear weapon in attack as well as defense, after all. So, putting it ahead of El Matador and especially a Jokic double MVP? Not sure if that is possible, because in reality, the old Pelican does not seem to justify these expectations. Unsurprisingly, fans dismissed the journalist’s opinion in the comments:

It’s easy to put AD above Jokic at Luka but well, you have to click

Stephen A. Smith is encouraged, Anthony Davis has the ability to participate among the meilleurs joueurs in the NBA and it is a good santé. One wants to believe it, but still The Brow must know how to hold on to his two legs…

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