Handball. Young goalkeeper Théo Gehin joins the Vikings of Caen

Théo Gehin gets his first experience with little time playing in Billiard. Caen hopes to see it come to power in its colors. © Caen Handball

Some of his latest achievements have been able to sow doubt in the minds of Caen Handball leaders. Did they do well to separate themselves from their number 2 Justin Portat? “After the announcement of its non-renewal, we saw it a little more entrepreneurial, recalls Roch Bedos. There is no doubt. We try to take the necessary step back when making choices. These are not pure statistical choices. »

Little time to play last season

Author of 15 arrests against Cherbourg on 13 February 2022, Justin Portat closed the season with 26.8 % arrests, not too far from No. 1 Alan Santos, who is close to 30 %. His percentage is quite slightly higher than that of Théo Gehin, who will replace him at Caen Handball next season. Not used by Billère, the 23 -year -old keeper (1.89m) climbed to 24.3 % of stops this season, to just 1.2 parades per match. It was his first year in the profession.

We try to take into account the whole of the player’s course, his attitudes and especially his evolutionary abilities.

Roch Bedos

A “more academic” garden

Caen was “looking for a more academic guard” and found him with the former retiree at the Toulouse training center. “This is an opportunity that is presented to us in the will for change,” says Roch Bedos.

Competition Alan Santos

With Théo Gehin, Caen Handball hopes to have a player “capable of coming to title Alan (Santos)”, too irregular to be actually performing last season. The binomial will have to prove it. “Questions are always asked, recognize their coach. He hopes to make the right choice. Foreigners, like Alan, always need a period of adaptation. The second year is often that of the realization of basic hopes on them. We had good times, you don’t have to look for the little animal where there is no one. »

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