Handball: “PSG’s season is 80%successful”, judge Elohim Prandi after winning the French Cup

PSG players are (finally) going on holiday with the satisfaction of a job done. After a perfect championship, 30 wins in as many matches, they put up a final point this season by winning the French Cup. It lacks, however, something on the palmarket: the Champions League. Again and always. Victim of an aggression and six stab wounds in the back on January 1, a few hours before joining the French handball team, Parisian left -back Elohim Prandi, also ended a memorable season.

What is the predominant sentiment after this victory in the French Cup?

ELOHIM PRANDI. He wanted this last victory all together. It was known that it was going to be hot with the supporters of Nantes who are still boiling. He had a calm and lucrative stay from beginning to end and everything went well and ended well.

What made the difference in this match and more generally between PSG and other French clubs this season?

We have in Paris, an executive who is very homogeneous in each post with great players who are more generally doubles. In this match against Nantes, when you see Niko (Karabatic) who is powerful, who is bad, who uses defense and then me behind him who pulls a dive from a distance, it becomes hard for the opponent who doesn’t not the same rotations as us.

Comment qualifies-vous cette saison?

It was a great season, long and agile but great. It has never happened that a team wins all the matches in a championship, it is a historic season at that level.

Do you also have some relief to end like that?

Yes obviously, it does well. The season has been tough with injuries, injuries, complicated matches. The bodies of each of us respond differently to their efforts and repetition but we are all proven. In these cases, it is the mentality that matters and it has to go wrong.

Has this season been perfect, or not?

It was 80 %, I think. He misses us two trophies: the League Cup and the Champions League. But do you know how hard it is to win this test. It is always played on details. Well before I get there, PSG qualify for the Final Four in Cologne, but they have not yet succeeded in winning. I hope and think it will happen. It is necessary to draw the conclusion that perfection does not exist. But I already knew it

Do you already have the nostalgia for leaving Remili, Hansen, Kounkoud, Gérard and Genty who will not be reunited with PSG?

Yes. The hardest part was last week at Coubertin for the last match of the season because it was at us. Now, we know that with them it is over. On Monday, we were supposed to meet one last time all together for a small garden party and we were going to say goodbye, for good.

Should there be fear for PSG in the future without all these players?

No, you don’t have to. In a confiance en nos forces. It can be supported on a heavy maintenance base. Players who will arrive will register. They all already know the very high level. It should just be, with them, to make some adjustments but it should not be too complicated.

Will PSG still be strong in 2022-2023?

The sera is different. We will be strong too, I think but in a different way.

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