Handball: Pour l’Usam Nîmes, c’est déjà demain

This Tuesday morning, June 14, in one of the salons of the C-suite Hotel in Nîmes, Usam President David Tebib called on the press to call for the upcoming exercise. Selected pieces.

After the big night, that of the victory against Cesson (32-28) on the eve of the last day of the championship, last Sunday 7 June with a 6th place locked without a doubt qualifying for the next European League, it was time, for staff and players of Usam Nîmes, to live … the big day.

This Tuesday, June 14, in one of the salons of the Hotel Csuite de Nîmes, the late President David Tebib thus dressed the big lines of next season. Without hesitation, in advance, to congratulate his troops for this end of the canon ball exercise.

Luc Tobie and Benjamin Gallego rempilent

“The little surprise, the director said, is the arrival of Grégory Detrez, a former member of the Gardoise House.” The 41-year-old ex-pivot will have a mission to mentor the youth at the club and share all his experience. In the image of Rémi Salou (pivot, pro career stop) at Michaël Guigou. Even if the latter, recently retired, will be, for the first time, closer to team 1. ” In order, in particular, to integrate with the better Ljubomir, I will be on the side of the pro group. By the way, I will leave with the group on the first stage. In addition to being a coach, I will also be a club advisor and ambassador. ”

“As for the players already in place, Egyptian Ahmed Hesham has extended two seasons (2025),” Tebib confirmed. Blown from the 7th day – ligaments crossed in the knee – and season already over, the left rear can almost be considered as a sprain.

Another good news in the nîmois camp is the extensions of Luc Tobie, 34, the right back having signed two more years (2025), and Benjamin Gallego, 33, now Greenman just in June 2023.

The young Damien Gibernon (back / right wing) at Guéric Vincent, left wing, for their part paraphrased their first professional contract, Vincent before being loaned to Nice (Proligue), even if the injury (crossed ligaments) lasts at the same post. Boiba Sissoko (28 years old, ex-Créteil and recruited for 3 seasons) could change the woman.

The future coach will be Ljubomir Vranjes

At Nîmes, in the closet of his cinephile president, the clap was launched. ” it turns out ”. In the form of a rather well -done staging, President Nîmois, accompanied by General Manager Jérôme Chauvet, was able to take on a part of Playstation and reveal the contours of the future.

” These are the players who will be put in the service of the collective, ” explains David Tebib, making reference to the new recruits. From pivot Hugo Kamtchop-Baril, 25 (ex-Cesson, 3 years on contract) at Swedish semi-center Jesper Konradsson, 28, arrived from Skjern (Denmark), passing by porters Alexandre Demaille (ex-Saint-Raphaël , 2 years + 1) or Joesp Baznik (Cesson, 3 years), to return after a first visit to the green house in 2019/2020 everyone seems ready for the usamist challenge.

And, on the bench, to lead the whole thing, Ljubomir Vranjes has (finally) been official, signing for 4 seasons. And even if it was a polychinelle secret for a few months, the Swedish technician was not present this Tuesday, only being present the following week.

Ligue des champions goal in 2025

” L’expertise de Ljubomir va énormément nous apporter, pag-aaral ang Tebib. He was recognized as the best coach in the world in 2014. He will live a very special collaboration with my very active presence. This is my way of working, a way of doing. I think being the closest to his team will bear fruit. ”

In the camp of the Usam, with a budget of about 5M € for the 2022/2023 exercise, a new era will therefore open, ” a new page to write in the history of the book of the Usam ‘ ‘, information in recemment by David Tebib. A president who, in objective terms, had kept the best for the end. “The goal is to reach the Champions League in 2025,” he said. The tone is given …

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