Handball. Men’s Prenationale: winner of the Country of Lesneven, the Future of the Ponant champion – Handball

PNM. Avenir du Ponant – Lesneven Country: 34-25

Since the night and Elorn’s victory over the Iroise Country, Ponant’s Future was sure to finish in first place. The outcome of this last encounter was therefore not decisive. Pour atant, il ya eu match. Probably not the best handball hour of the year, but the debates were engrossed in public respect, with many coming to Kerzouar to celebrate the climb in National 3.

The Future of Ponant makes the race head on

And if the first goal came from Lesnevien Louis Labatut, on his right wing, the Renanais then quickly handed over the pendulums in time by going 5-0 to no longer be joined. Each of Frank Charrault’s players contributed his lead to the progression of the score and the local keepers put on a real festival with, in particular, a blinding 12 stops on 23 shots for Choquin in the first period.

The Ponant Future coach was able to be satisfied with the course completed: “Twenty-six days is too long, but we are at the end and we will now be able to think about next season.” Cédric Millet, a handsome player, wanted to make a tribute to his opponent: “They played the game to the end and I congratulate them for their access. This is a page that turns for us. It has been 30 years since Lesneven was in National 3 or Prenationale… »

The technical sheet

Referee: M. Allain and Ollivier.

AVENIR DU PONANT: Choquin (12 stops, 30 minutes), Morisset (9 stops); Bohec (2 pero), Cosmao (7), Courtois (2), Derrien (2), Hellequin (5), Hunaut (1), Le Coz (4), Levasseur (1), Quentric (9), Robine (1 ).

PAID DE LESNEVEN: Le Borgne (8 arrests), Guern (10); Abiven (2 months), Appéré (2), Chazalon (3), Géry (3), Kerhuel, Labatut (5), L. Lamer, T. Lamer (2), L’Hour (6), Meena (2) .

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