Handball. Mehdi Ighirri, hello artist!

It must come one day. Even when one does not wait, if one is not prepared for it, one must accept the inevitable. At 36, Mehdi Ighirri met a term in his playing career to embrace that coach with his mouth (read below). “It is bizarre, but we are old, the articulations are twisted. It’s part of a career, ”sighs the Altkirchois.

In his career, Mehdi Ighirri poses a “proud” look. Because if she started very early – “at 15 years old, I was with the seniors in Altkirch, at 18 years old with those from Sélestat around big players, I played in a French youth and hopes team” -, she it has not always been easy. And often disturbed by injuries.

Mulhouse, central point of his career

“My two shoulders stuck with me a part of my career. At 21, after my second operation, …

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