Handball has resumed with its departmental finishes (+ palmarès)

In full form

On a purely sporting basis, the results of the two flagship clubs in the department, Billère and Nousty, will be received. The premieres clinched the title in U15M excellence against Asson and U13M honor against Anglet and leaned against the lonsois neighbors in U15M promotion. The young canaris, engaged in 4 finals, drew 3: U11F Prom Hon against Cambo, U11M hon against Buros and U13M exc against Gan-Lasseube. Only the U13F proms are leaning against Bordes.

But as Jacques Martin would have said at some point, everyone won, and especially, departmental handball, which showed only two years after Covid, it was in full form.

The full palm of the 2022 finals

Irissarry-Hendaye 34-31 (-18M Prom) Tardets-Hendaye 27-30 (+16F Pré-rég) ABOHB-St Pée 18-19 (-11F Exc) Irissarry-Tardets 23-17 (-13F Prom) Bordes-Nousty 30-16 (- 13F Prom Hon) Oloron- Tardets 16-11 (- 15F Prom) Cambo- Nousty 19-24 (- 11F Hon) Lescar- Hendaye 18-7 (- 11M Prom) Buros- Nousty 18-23 (- 11M Hon) Lescar- Oloron 38-30 (- 18F Exc) Buros- Orthez 34-28 (- 18M Exc) Madiran- Asson/Montaut 23-17 (+ 16F Hon) Urrugne- Bruges/Ossau 27-18 (- 11M Exc ) Bruges/Ossau- Hendaye 28-23 (- 13M Prom) St Pée- Lasseube 11-19 (-11 mixed) Asson/Bruges- Bayonne 30-29 (- 13F Exc) Billère- Asson 32-22 (- 15M Exc) Lasseube- Tardets 35-27 (- 13F Hon) Barzun- Sare 34-31 (- 18F Hon) St Palais- Sare 9-18 (+16F Exc) Bosdarros- St Pée 36-23 (+16M Exc) Urrugne- Gan 18 -19 (-15F Hon) ABOHB-Lasseube/Gan 22-23 (-15M Hon) ABOHB-Billère 26-38 (-13M Hon) ABOHB-Nafarroa 22-19 (-18F Prom) Hendaye-Asson 17-14 (- 15F Exc) Lons- Billère 23-19 (- 15M Prom) Oloron- Barzun 17-14 (-11F Pro m) Lée Ousse- Orthez 35-27 (+ 16M Pré-rég) Lons- Lée Ousse/Morlaàs 33-22 (- 18M Hon) Gan- Orthez 17-18 (+ 16M Hon) Nousty- Gan/Lasseube 37-29 ( – 13M Exc)

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