Handball/Finale de la coupe de France. Captain Pauline Robert presents “her dingues team”

Besançon le 16/04/2022 L’ESBF reçoit Dijon Florence Bonnet (à gauche) gardienne bisontine at Sakura Hauge Larawan ER/Ludovic LAUDE

The guards

Sakura Hauge : “It’s a great rant, but one that still has a little sense of detail. She is very perfectionist. Often at the end of matches, when one wins, she is never satisfied. She always wants more. It’s great because it’s also his experience that makes it take the group to the top. ”

Roxanne Frank : “Rox” is a great competitor, especially in warm -up games. She will lose her mind. She grins as fast as she loses. It’s funny enough to make a little fall into that panel. ”

Florence Bonnet : “It’s the head in the air of the group. She often forgets the training hours, her business. At first we were a little worried but we were busy. We know that this is not his fault, it is his personality that is like that. She is young and she needs to learn to put a little more rigor into what she does. ”

Paris on June 11, 2022 Coupe de France de handball ESBF affronte Metz Juliette FAURE Photo ER/Ludovic LAUDE

Paris on June 11, 2022 Coupe de France de handball ESBF affronte Metz Juliette FAURE Photo ER/Ludovic LAUDE

The backyards/semi-centers

Audrey Dembele : “It is called the biche because it takes great care of her, always manicured. She really brings her percussion, she is always well there ”.

Juliette Faure : “It’s a little shy but as far as one goes looking it’s a rigolote. She is a bit like on the ground, we can’t see her forcibly but she still stumbles everywhere. In group life, one doesn’t always see it, but when she has something to say, it’s funny all the time, and percussive. “

Alizée Frécon-Demouge : “She is also part of the group’s small bumps. She hasn’t been much with us this season, but we are still very happy to meet her. This is really one of the hardest nuts of the group. ”

Clarisse Mairot : “We really like the embers. She is always a little sure of her, it is not negative. She has a lot of confidence and is titled above. But it’s hard to bite. ”

Juliette Mairot : “Juju, for the time being, she is a bit reserved. She must take her brands in the group. With some people it comes to life. But it’s not just his first year of training center. It takes time for her to open up and to really discover the person she is. I like him well. I exchanged a lot with it and it was going to be a very good element at the level of the atmosphere ”.

Line One : “She was a little more reserved, but she likes to feed people well. She is always in the joke. It’s a very big worker, it’s the culture at home. In muscularity, for example, it is not necessary to move because it is always at the top. During the training, it has to be fast, not square. ”

Natalia Nosek : “She is a little tough on him. In group life, she is quick to integrate. She understands everything and speaks French very well, it’s unbelievable. It’s chouette. “

Alexander Rosiak : “She is much more reserved because of the language barrier, but we have come to understand.”

Besançon (25) HANDBALL ESBF/Bietigheim 1/4 Coupe d'Europe Kiara Tshimanga Photo ER/Franck Lallemand Photo ER/Franck LALLEMAND

Besançon (25) HANDBALL ESBF/Bietigheim 1/4 Coupe d’Europe Kiara Tshimanga Photo ER/Franck Lallemand Photo ER/Franck LALLEMAND

The ailières

Camille Austin : “She’s cute, she’s a little bump-on-the-go.” Despite his age, he is one of the oldest in the group. Elle always found a good atmosphere, always the little word to make people laugh. At hand level, she brings all her European experience. She knows how to calm us down when there are, for a while, moments of tension. ”

Kiara Tshimanga : “The hardest worker in the team. This is the most serious, always focusing on his goal. It’s hard to concentrate, to smile because it’s really 200 % all the time ”.

Léa Pobelle : “This is a little news in the group, which is then well integrated. She has progressed tremendously this season. Léa is now part of the whole group, even if she doesn’t have the status of a training center player. ”

Sabrina Zazai : “It’s miss dinguerie. She likes to try a lot of things, whether on or off the field. She always has the joy of living. It’s nice to have someone like that in a group ”.

Lucie Granier : “He is the clown of the team, always to laugh. Lucie it’s a good incarnate atmosphere ”.

Ema Cordier : “She is very calm, very kind. The dialogue installs easily with her. I think she will do nice things in her hand. It wasn’t just her first year of training center, but she didn’t show any bad things. In a group, she is a perfect girl. She bows and she advances ”.

Besançon sa 09/05/2021 Handball féminin ESBF reçoit Metz En rouge, la bisontine Louise CUSSET Photo ER/Ludovic LAUDE

Besançon sa 09/05/2021 Handball féminin ESBF reçoit Metz En rouge, la bisontine Louise CUSSET Photo ER/Ludovic LAUDE

The pivots

Léa Cuenot : “Lélé, it’s a good atmosphere.” He can talk about everything and nothing. On some ground, she has to learn a little more to finish but it will come too. ”

Louise Cusset : “Loulou is my binomial.” Little tips are always given. It’s too good. Basically, she is a reserved person but she seems to open up more and more in the group. It’s cool to be able to count on her. ”

Pauline Robert : “Grupo ka ba? Je l’aime et je m’y sens vraiment bien”.

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