Handball: Espalion, at the gates of the National 3

After winning the first leg of their semi-finals in Saint-Africa on Saturday, the North-Aveyronnais can find the division they will play in 2018. See you on Saturday, June 11 (7pm) at the Espalion Sports Complex.

The climb is at the end of the match. On Saturday, June 11, Espalion receives Saint-Africa for the second round of the 100 % Aveyronnaise Prénationale semi-finals. And beyond the local aspect, this meeting has the singularity of designing the team that will advance to the National 3. Julien Demetz’s North-Aveyronnais took the lead over their opponents by winning (24- 32) both 4 juin, or gymnasium of 12 years. The return match is tonight (7pm), at the Espalion Sports Complex. “We had preferred to schedule the meeting at this time-there to be with the world, because there is a band festival every weekend, and so that we can also benefit”, says Fabien Baldet, co -president of the HBCE. If they pick up the climb, the Spaniards will be in the right place to celebrate.

But for that, they have to win the duel, or then lose at least eight goals. In case of equality in both encounters, the victory will be given to the team that has scored the most goals on the outside. On the way, the blood and blood had “mastered the end -to -end match, with seriousness and envy “, describes the co -president. I added: “Julien (Demetz, the coach) it is for many, especially at the mental level. “

Four years later

After having a good start to the season, the Spanish had a little empty passage beginning in 2022, before making a very good second phase. “Coming to this time is not surprised, but we did not expect it this year”, recognizes Fabien Baldet. It must be said that this is the first full season that HBCE has played since its accession passed under the noses, in 2019.

The North-Aveyronnais had descended to Prénationale much earlier, after five seasons in N3. And they were at the same stage today. The players, then coached by Leszek Kudlak, had won the all-out match against Carcassonne (25-24), before cutting (26-22) in Aude. Fabien Baldet still remembers “from shooting on the bar in the last second, against Lattes with whom we were in competition for first place, which made us finish second in the round. And therefore face Carcassonne, very costly.” Four years later, the blood and blood had the opportunity to take revenge.

The climb will be played to the end. And if he wins, the final will follow. Scheduled for the weekend of June 18-19, it will extend for a week the already long season of handball players. “The time lag between the end of the championship and the restart will be short, because the question of recruitment will be posedexplained the co -president. We don’t plan too much to put, nor the stocking before the cattle, nor the pressure on the team. ” Still to end the season and, why not, in fanfare.

The U18s are on the verge of mounting

There are only seniors who have a good season. The U18 boys of Espalion, accompanied by the U15, qualify to compete in the four -team regional access tournament, on Sunday, June 12, in Castanet. If they finish first, the Nord-Aveyronnais will face the winner of the second Occitanie tournament to try to decipher the climb to U18 France, the highest national level.

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