Hammer and Rocket provoke a seventh match

HOCKEY. Danick Martel continues his dream course in the American Hockey League qualifiers.

The attacking drummondvillois scored two goals and a pass in a 5-1 win over the Laval Rockets on Monday night, at the home of the Springfield Thunderbirds. Suddenly, the Montreal Canadian school club provoked the holding of a seventh and final match in the series against the St. Louis Blues affiliated club.

Moments after seeing Cayden Primeau make a key stop, Danick Martel outscored early in the second twenty by capitalizing on a reversal behind the Thunderbirds net. The Rockets conceded four goals in the third commitment. On an escape, Martel took the mark to 3-0 against his former team.

“In the last game, I missed a desert net in overtime. Today, I don’t want to rater a second! I raised my game of a crane; everyone has to raise their game of a crane tonight, ”explained Martel, who was named first star of the evening.

“Tonight, we are not surprised,” he added. He was given a chance to win. That’s why we got a good result. It does good morally. We have already gone to the next party. ”

Author of 30 arrests, Cayden Primeau has picked up a ninth victory in 13 decisions since the start of the eliminating tournament.

“It’s repeated, but Cayden Primeau keeps us in all matches, a lancé Danick Martel. This is a guy who is really focused. He wants to win and he gives us a chance to win in each side. He is an excellent keeper who has raised his game to a crank in a series. ”

Depuis le debut de cette demi-finale, Danick Martel converted sept points (3-4) in six parties. With 15 points (9-6) or 14 encounters since the start of the series, the former Blainville-Boisbriand Armada striker is currently the Rocket’s best scorer.

Throughout the American League, the attacking dynamics has risen to the fourth most productive players. In the regular season, Danick Martel scored 33 points (17-16) in 70 matches, finishing in the sixth rank of the Rocket pointeurs.

“Hammer plays big hockey today,” said Rocket head coach Jean-François Houle. He plays with a lot of passion. It finds ways to mark big goals. I utilize his speed and his intelligence. A coach can’t ask for better. C’est la même chose avec Primeau. He makes key stops and the guys respond with big goals. It will be an exciting match on Wednesday. ”

The seventh duel of this series will take place Wednesday night, in Springfield. The winner will advance to the final of the Calder Cup.

“Tonight, we played a good road match,” said Jean-François Houle. The guys believed. Fewer launchers were given than in the last matches. In a cassé plus de jeux. Our digital disadvantage was perfect. I really liked the commitment of all our players. The guys had fun on the ice. Ce will choose the same in the next match. »

Dans l’autre demi-finale, the Wolves de Chicago got 3-2 against the Heat de Stockton.

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