grenade. Rugby: end of adventure in quarter final

Last Sunday, Team A of Grenade Sports traveled to Saint Africa to play the 1/4 final of the French Championship against Palavas-Lunel. The large GS family was also in the party since supporters had come in large numbers to support their yellow and black “little ones.”

By mi-temps le score was equal (9/9), la deuxième mi-temps aura été decisive pour le Grenade Sports where the face is facing the score of 15 to 19. Certes de la déception pour cette équipe qui made the eyes and hearts of his supporters shine because one could have imagined going to the end and reclaiming the victory and this first championship just before the great Centennial party! As an adventure stops, she remains no less beautiful because this team has all but climbed the climb in Federal 2 and it still promises very beautiful encounters for next season.

Une immense fierté pour la grande famille du Grenade Sports (presidents, directors, coaches, volunteers, licenciés, partners and supporters) and un grand bravo à tous. The next stage will now be the centenary (102 years to be exact) on July 1st and 2nd and it will be even more beautiful with this new page from GS that it writes!

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