Graulhet: Rugby has practically finished its recruitment

the essential
At work for several weeks, the trio of coaches supported by Romaric Maurel and Jerome Montbroussous, applied to strengthen the club’s effectiveness. All while limiting departures.

In this title, seven mutations must be noted: Kaikatsishvili the Georgian pillar and Bruno, the winner leaving Cognac. The Fijian Nabaro goes to Marmande.
Formed in Graulhet, Théo Gilbert died for St Sulpice. The Georgians Jincharadzé and Gigauri are not preserved, as is the Dutch second line Van Dijken.
The third Welsh Davies line, Soulé and Portes centers, as well as the second court Maisurazé line, remain at Sporting. Boulogne, whose experience has weighed on a number of victories this season, is in fact one more in red and black.
The rest of the effect should be – except surprise to be Graulhétois next season.

Recruits: fifteen new players announced

Today, fifteen new players have been announced.
On the right pillar, Maisuradzé, homonym of the second line, hope aurillacois gave his approval.
Benlebbad of Pamiers, and the solid son of Reggiardo who played in Suresnes, are also in negotiations.
Sporting has signed a young and promising Georgian player.
To the left, Vidal, hopes of the CO and the return of Martinet are in place. In the second line, the Burgundian gaillard (1, 98 m per 125 kg) arrives from Bagnères-de-Bigorre and returns to the Llach competition.
In 3rd line, three arrived; Pueyo, sauteur who enjoyed Montauban, Bonnet de Pamiers and Azzi de Blagnac.
Derrière, the polyvalent Gély (9 or 10), from Langon arrived, with Sancery, Brazilian international (ailier or arrière), Vincent, three-quarters of the CO hope center, Chamagne, ailier de Marmande and Solis, ailier de St. Sulpice.
With a duplicate license with the CO, Graulhet could sometimes be compared to Pierre Gilbert, who made several matches last season with Johann.
And with Albi over Gauthier, good surprise at the end of last season. The medical and physical staff will also strengthen him.

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