Gramat. The school of rugby receives the French Federation label

To close the 2021-2022 season at the school of rugby, JSG rugby officials and volunteers organized a festive afternoon on Saturday 11 June at Pierre de Coubertin Stadium. À 14 hours more than 60 children participated in the Olympics including volley rugby, base-ball rugby, golf rugby. At 17 o’clock the rugby flag matches took place. Pour out their commitment during the season all received rewards in the form of caps, scarves and tooth protection. At 7pm a small ceremony was organized to celebrate the 1* labeling issued by the FFR at the rugby school. President Pierre-Louis Héreil and thanked for their presence and their support the mayor of Gramat Michel Sylvestre, the departmental councilor Caroline Mey-Fau and the mairie de Bio representative of son1er adjoint Christian Pagès. He recalled that 75 young people, including 25 % of young girls, in categories U6/U8/U10/U12 and U14, made up the impact of the rugby school this year. 12 educators and 30 volunteers provided coaching during trainings and excursions (5,000 km by bus). He warmly thanked the latter for their commitment and sponsors for their support. The attainment of this labeling by the FFR is the recognition of the work done by all school staff in particular on the organization of the structure, the training of educators, the pedagogical project and on the communication set up (site internet, social networks, contact with neighboring clubs). Recalling that the municipality supported rugby by ensuring the landscaping, the roofing projects of the stands and the locker rooms, the mayor wished good luck at the rugby school. Pour Caroline Mey-Fau, rugby is the school of life where she learns especially to respect the other. The department will continue to support the development of sports among young people. PL Héreil concluded his intervention by addressing the strongest thanks to 2 educators, Lucas Cayrol who goes to other horizons, Jérôme Bielhmann for his implications in the school environment and 2 emblematic players of the school of rugby, Capuchin rugby joins a rugby section or Jolimont High School in Toulouse with Nathan Viguié who will play as a cadet in Aurillac next year. A meal shared by more than 100 guests closed this beautiful rugby day.

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