Graham Arnold (Australian selector): “Peruvians will be surprised”

“How do you approach this intercontinental dam?”
He will compete in a single match. He will not have a second chance. This is a finale. A grande finale.

What do you say the most about this Peruvian team?
In general, South American football is technically good and unpredictable. Peru was one of the countries on this continent that qualified for the last World Cup. This is obviously a good team against which it will be necessary so be ready for everything. Peru has several advantages, including this ability to be everywhere. Which is actually a dangerous opponent. We have to adapt to it and watch out for not letting it play. We really believe in our players and we are assured that they are ready for this dam.

What will be your message to them?
It will be simple: guys, you know the work he has to do. Do it the Australian way, that is, you are physically beating for forty-ten minutes. And technically, the Peruvians will be surprised by the progress made by Australian football. »


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