Golf R: She sings and chants

The most powerful version in history, the Golf R, which combines efficiency with performances, can quietly run into the daily, and then get excited and become funny. The fire and ice for this bluffy model that passes almost unnoticed, in the flow of traffic. And freak…

A model that has already marked history, the Golf has been regularly restored, preserving the qualities that have made it a world reference in the chain of compacts. Over the decades, she has taken the insurance and muscle for the most sporty versions. The legendary GTI hit the road and shocked amateurs with strong sensations. Often copied, not really equal, the GTI that saw the sun in 1980, became bodybuilding and boasted with time. But the engineers of the Wolfsburg firm wanted to go even further.

This is how the Golf R was born in 2002. Two decades later, the last generation R lends itself to everything, as long as one asks for the impossible!

320 head of fire

With its 320 ch, its 4Motion transmission, and its Drift mode., The most powerful Golf reveals the advantages that many of its competitors have.

Externally, it is distinguished by a more aggressive line: reducer screws, fitted to the front, rear spoiler, shiny black diffuser, double exhaust outputs, matte gray reflectors, “R” logo affixed to the center of the hayon.

The trunk has been reduced by 20 mm, the brackets and shifter, raffermis, the counter-crossover increased in the front, while a new electronic system regulates the pilot suspension, antiderapage and integrated transmission.

The living room is about ergonomics. The Digital Cockpit tableau de bord numérique has six display modes along with latérales that can be configured to souhait. The “Sport” seats, the steering wheel with an “R” button dedicated to the driving modes, the brushed stainless steel pedal, the carbon type inserts, add a touch of sportiness. The important technological panoplie, the latest information-entertainment system cri, and the complete equipment are at the height of the ambitions of this particular model.

Between reason and reason

Like its younger sisters, this Golf features a good level of finish, and an irreproachable manufacturing quality. When one has been a reference for almost 50 years, one cannot deviate from the ascending trajectory and forget the acquisitions of the conquering decades.

The Wolfburg athlete, who can easily get used to the urban traffic, or play hide -and -seek in chic neighborhoods, prefers to display its boiling temperature as one caresses the accelerator pedal. The heart of the beauty is indeed found under the hood where a 4 -cylinder 2.0 turbo is pulled. This fourth generation block develops 320 ch with 420 Nm of couple, either 20 ch and 20 Nm more than the previous generation, but almost 50 kg of load bearing.

This engine is seconded by a 7-speed DSG double-clutch box (with pallets on the steering wheel).

Well installed in the sports seat, it is then enough to choose between different driving modes, depending on your course and your mood .. Roll calmly or have fun? The “deception” takes a quick step towards reason, so the climbers are pulsating, and addictive.

From town to street

In Confort mode, it’s the cool ballad. The DSG box is full of everything, and you drive the kilometers on the highway, ignoring the gas stations. Width less than 8 liters: reasonable with 320 ch of reserve. Opting for the Sport position, with the heavier foot, the cavalry wakes up, the DSG becomes more reactive. And what about Race mode! RRR!

The German becomes aggressive, almost orderly, the direction is hardened, the suspension is confirmed, the box is released. The four deep cylinders, very strong thrust up to 6000 tr/m. The Akrapovic escape (optional) in addition, would ship in the decommissioning phases. Whatever the circuit, especially the 4Motion transmission associated with a vector coupling distribution allows 100% of the transmission power to be transmitted to the rear, on the outer wheel (function or “Torque Vectoring”). Which allows for a faster curved passage and, nice turns for those who master the subject.

With this cavalry, the R sets the chronicles. It takes him 4 to 7 to go from 0 to 100 km/h, the repetitions being intermittent.

With its rigid and well -balanced chassis, its calibrated trains, its integrated transmission, its slow and durable braking, the sporty VAG and will not reserve any bad surprises. It is preventative, and even playful when road conditions allow it. A small road, turns and you have the impression of being in a “race” car, with a sound that makes heads turn. Of course, the amortization is the least stable, especially on degraded shoes, but the maintenance is excellent with the Sport seats.

The R sings and enchants. It’s a little Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Angel or demon, according to. Gentle or brutal, wise or rude, she is capable of everything.

Iconic model, the German, which “metamorphoses” on demand, remains versatile, homogeneous, but surprising.

Pour conquérir, iI faudra débourser with 52 000 euros (hors malus), and approximately 60 000 euros and includes options for amortissement piloté, l’échappement Akrapovic, and pack R-Performance ou l’affichage.

Reserved to an eloquent and passionate customer, the most powerful and radical Golf possesses an unquestionable driving power. Amateurs of strong sensations …!

Essai Jean-Pierre Guilletat

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