Golf Plus Survey (2nd article): the numbers of a success

In a first article dedicated to the saga of the Schmidlin family that has marked the history of French golf for 40 years, Patrick Schmidlin, its founder, longed for the origin of this leading company and insisted on its priority since day one : customer service.

The third and final article will give the word to the younger generations who are taking over, including Alexis and Charlotte.

In this second part, we will give you a detailed picture of the reality of Golf Plus today. Deux guides us in this process: Renaud Carlesthe Director of Marketing and Communication at home and MariJo Amorim, the director of the largest art store, located near Biarritz airport, in the heart of a region sought after for its legendary golf courses. RdM

The installation card of Golf Plus stores

Golf Plus Lille, Villeneuve-d’Ascq

Golf Planet: What is the reality of Golf Plus in 2022, 40 years after its creation?

Golf Plus Bordeaux Mérignac

Renaud Carles: Multisport with its opening in September 1982 in Paris, Sport Plus has recently become very fast on golf to become today the first golf specialist in France. Its founder, Patrick Schmidlin, sees this sport as a formidable development opportunity. Un pari réussi, puisque 40 ans après, Golf Plus is the network of 31 magazines, 4 internet sites and 6 Fitting Centers.

GOLF PLUS, is first and foremost a human -sized family business with nearly 100 employees who have the heart to share their passion for golf to satisfy all golfers, year after year, in their golf evolution.

GOLF PLUS offers a large selection of large brand equipment for golfers of all levels, from beginner to confirmed player, to professional voire, which includes equipment, accessories, footwear, textiles, chariots (electric and manual)…

There are also a number of services that have made GOLF PLUS a success for 40 years: high -quality advice from real specialists, repair and assembly workshops to clubs, Fitting Centers and Trackman -equipped magazine test spaces, radar the most sophisticated for measurement tests.

There are now also other offers, outside the shops to really talk about…

GOLF PLUS Waterloo in Belgium, with the grand magasin de l’enseigne avec 800m², and the Brabant wallon au sud de Bruxelles

The GOLF PLUS experience will extend the online site, comme sur les réseaux sociaux (youtube, facebook, Instagram) and the blog

The GOLF PLUS experience also extends with its brand OUTLET, GOLF PLUS OUTLET, specializing for more than 20 years in the stocking of equipment of major brands, occasions and deposit sales (formerly known as Golf Sous) the brand.

GOLF PLUS Outlet counts 5 points of sale in Paris, Biarritz, Lille, Lyon and Bordeaux (open last October) in which all major brands are found according to regular arrivals. Clubs, accessoires, chaussures, fabrics, carriages. Golf Plus Outlet, propose the depuis peu l’excellence abordable with the nouvelle marque qui mérite votre intérêt, Benross.

Her website has just been restored. If you love shopping online or if you like eloignés in the magazine GOLF PLUS Outlet, meet at

With its new money, you can get the estimate online from your clubs. They will then be able to recover.
À distance (a carton is then sent with a delivery note from your clubs) as in the magazine.

The new GOLF PLUS Fitting Center of the Fleurie Island in Carrières-sur-Seine, Chatou

The Biarritz example: 700 m2 with an incredible choice of furniture and textiles (17 brands!)

Have a penètre and magazine Golf Plus de Biarritz, by large amounts, sans conteste, l’espace! This is not a simple shop but an immensity rarely reached in the golf service. No doubt: every customer will find what he is looking for (or not), whether he is amateur or pro.
The surprise: the place dedicated to the textile that makes, for example, the neighboring Spanish customer just here to dress as if she were in a fashion magazine!

We met the dynamic director MarieJo Amorim, who with a big confounding smile, claiming her original choices, recounts the importance of her multi-disciplinary team and admits she has not yet had time to put on the 15th golf course on place.

Golf Planet: your magazine, which is very close to the airport of Biarritz, Basque Country, is located in a region marked by the history of golf that attracts many golfers every year. Plusieurs magazines and installations. What is the originality of yours? (thank you for providing numbers on your m2, your supply of brands and products, fittings, etc.)

Do you have a difference over notre magasin, including the grand magazine Golf Plus de France and le plus grand de la région (environment 700 m2)
le choix (includes 250 putters, includes 350 sac etc …)
our textile and footwear offer (17 textile brands)
There are no suitable services, workshops (change of grips, manches), change of cramps, rachats of old clubs, the payment several times and most recently the leasing on the clubs that just took place last week.
And especially the advice and not the sale, we are first of all consultants and not sellers
*A young and dynamic team, with a beautiful complementarity, rich in ideas that is very promising for the years, months and days to come!

A very large space is devoted to textiles and clothing: why this choice? (may be the time to talk about the service, the advice…)

This is my feminine touch for 15 years that has allowed us to develop as much textile, we find in us fancy and original pieces that we do not find in all golf boutiques. In our minds, there is not only the material that makes one play well, there is also the fact that one feels good in his clothes and in his shoes.

What evolution have you noticed in the ways of buying among your customers? Is the Basque Country a market aside?

I think the Basque Country is not forcibly a market apart when it comes to the buying modes of our customers. The target is the same everywhere in France, with a development that was important during the 40 years grace à la crise du Covid. Despite all that, the Basque Country is different for its important golfs panorama, since within 30 minutes of the boutique we had five 18 holes, a 9trous and a pitch & putt. That is why there is a lot of world, a lot of offers, and a lot of demand in this region.
You have to know how to stand out But the new team is ready to develop and build something new on this beautiful golf course.

GOLF PLUS has built its reputation since its origins on its technical expertise: it is really acceptable here at Angel Biarritz’s store, isn’t it?

In effect. The matériel n’est pas en reste avec la présence de magnifiques corners de toutes les grandes marques de clubs, and superbe espace de fitting with the Trackman and the grand espace putting with the wellputt. We are also proud to have Wellputt’s Big Tilt putting platform, on hydraulic valves, which reproduces the rays of real greens. This is ideal for testing putters in a quasi-real situation.

Service and Technical Expertise are at the meeting within our team. It is made up of players and a passionate team player (golf of Chiberta, golf of the flagship, golf of Chantaco in particular…). That is a true technical expertise du matériel de golf. They are all otherwise Trackman level 2 certified to provide clients with sharp technical advice.

Next and last article dedicated to the Schmidlin saga: the arrival of new generations

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