GOLF: 50 players in the nominee round of the 11th Burgundy Cream Trophy

On this Pentecost Sunday, the eleventh Burgundy Cream Trophy, nominated, took place at the Golf de la Roseraie.

The competition is organized by the Union of professional cream producers of Burgundy and gathered since 2019 the Golfs of the Castle of Avoise, the Castle of Chailly, of Beaune Levernois, of Dijon Norges, of Lyon Salvagny, of Mâtcon sure of Chalon .

Despite the violent storm on Friday
This loss could well be, if not canceled, at least postponed to a later date. The night before a violent storm of grilles struck south of Chalon and the grilles, some of which were as big as … a golf ball !, caused significant damage to the greens with innumerable impact pitches. Thanks to the work of greenkeeper Dominique Marlot, the greens were puffed and tossed, thus allowing the fifty participants to play and the conditions were, altogether, correct.

Victoire du Montchaninois Patrice Renaud
Fifty players were indeed in kuto, some of whom came from the Golfs of the Castle of Avoise, of La Commanderie or even of the Valley of Love. It was, on the other hand, a visitor who impressed himself in the person of Patrice Renaud. Despite a difficult start, including two double bogeys in the No. 5 and No. 6 holes, the Avoise licensee took advantage of the Chalonnais Thibault Bouyssou’s establishment on the last five holes, to win this qualifying competition to serve the final winners, scheduled for September 3 in Avoise.
Thus qualifies for the grand rendezvous montchaninois Lucie Martino (Chalon) and Hélène Bouyssou (Chalon) in the 1st ladies series, Patrice Renaud (Avoise) and Jean-Baptiste Ponsot (Avoise) and the 1st series messieurs (Chalon) Perier Françoise Lartaud ( Chalon) in 2nd ladies series, Maxime Kohler (Val d’Amour) at Claude Fieux (Chalon) at 2nd men’s series, Virginie Planté (Chalon) at Chantal Vercelli (Chalon) in 3rd ladies series and finally Frédéric Laugier (Chalon) at Eric Planted (Chalon) with 3rd series of men.
The last qualifying round will take place this Sunday, June 19 at the Golf de Lyon Salvagny. Last chance to get the precious sesame …

The results
1st women’s series: brut: 1. Lucie Martino (Chalon) 21; net: 1. Hélène Bouyssou (Chalon) 36.
2nd ladies series: brut: 1. Françoise Perier (Chalon) 10; net: 1. Françoise Lartaud (Chalon) 32, 2. Maryse Robert (Chalon) 32.
3rd ladies series: brut: 1. Virginie Planté (Chalon) 7; net: 1. Virginie Planté (Chalon) 34.
1st men’s series: brut: 1. Patrice Renaud (Avoise) 26, 2. Thibault Bouyssou (Chalon) 24; net: 1. Patrice Renaud (Avoise) 37.
2nd series men: brut: 1. Léandre Planté (Chalon) 20; net: 1. Léandre Planté (Chalon) 37, 2. Claude Fieux (Chalon) 35, 3. Gilles Beaufay (Chalon) 35, 4. David Massot (La Commanderie) 35, 5. Pascal Roze (Chalon) 34, 6. Pierre Guyon (Chalon) 33.
3rd series men: brut: 1. Frédéric Laugier (Chalon) 11; net: 1. Eric Planté (Chalon) 41, 2. Frédéric Laugier (Chalon) 32.

Gabriel-Henri THEULOT

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