Gaillac. Jean-Pierre Escaffit, 43 years old, au service du rugby tarnais

He puts an end to his coaching career after forty-three seasons of training, in Gaillac, his hometown, then Albi and Rabastens, before a return to the EU. Jean-Pierre Escaffit also refuses this term as coach, he prefers that of educator. “Gamins, that’s the goose. It’s a choice when you have to leave one on the touch. I mean it can always have the click. I have a regret, that one never got it “Team 1, but with a sigh, I tell you I didn’t do it for that.” His adventure came to an end with the defeat of the cadets on the Vendres field, in the quarterfinals of the Occitane Championship. Jean-Pierre Escaffit is not amer. “On the match, they were better than us. The emotion, the environment – a grilled field, a large full stadium – were undoubtedly played. On neutral ground, maybe…”. The phrase tombe en suspens.

Cell formation:

But he does not leave the club and remains active. “We will set up a 12 -year -old training cell that will be a complement to the one launched a few years ago by Damien Cransac and currently run by Charly Goze and Antoine Lafforgue.” The young people will work all day on the individual technique. The goal is to build a team that will evolve Nationally, with a recruitment at the Basin scale (Rabastens, Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn, Montans). A second team will remain in Regional. The application has been filed with the Occitan League. “There will only be two clubs elected. But we have arguments to force the passage.” In this training cell, Jean-Pierre Escaffit will be relieved of the inherent constraints on the coaches. “He had to take care of everything, the jerseys, the keys, the parents’ remarks. Because there is a shortage of volunteers.” He will find his first teaching vocation. In his career, he has crossed people “who have counted”. Chronologically, Suzy Bastié. “Gamins, we played basketball between us. She passed, she saw us without a coach. She didn’t let us down anymore. Result: we became champions of the Pyrenees and we won the French Cup”. Henri Fraisse later. “When I started with the cadets. He was already president and had just seen our training. When I came back to the club, he was still there, with Jean-Marie Bézios.” There are no words to describe the investment of the tank, always there on winter evenings to trap one or raise morale in the other. Next season, Jean-Pierre Escaffit will move away from the lands. Just a little bit.

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