Gabriel Debru: “There are still so many things to do to get to the top”

The ton bac d’abord passed, clamait the film de Pialat in 1978. Gabriel Debru and retenu la leçon. At 16, the one who just put his name on the Roland-Garros palmarès in the junior category is in the first place and is about to pass the French script and oracle in the coming days. The head and legs. Indispensable, selon lui.

Imaginons qu’au tennis, I never came. You have to have a way to get into life, so you already have the bac“, said Grenoblois in our Dip Impact podcast, which he was invited to this Tuesday.Who knows, after that, I can continue my studies. I don’t know where life will lead me, based on my results, my ATP ranking. I don’t ask too many questions. Ibuhos l’instant, l’objectif, c’est d’avoir mon bac. Après, kay verra. “


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A rather wise position of principle. Because Gabriel Debru is a promoter, the status of the great hope of French tennis is what it is: a promise. There is no guarantee. For now, his passing times are in any case impressive. Le Grenoblo started a faire parler de lui dès l’automne dernier, and won at seulement 15 and son premier match sur le circuit pro, and battant l’Italien Andrea Pellegrino, 220e mondial. In the XXI century, only three players, including Félix Auger-Aliassime and Rafael Nadal, had signed their first success in this tournament category by being younger than him.

Gabriel Debru.

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I think I’ll take a few more inches

This performance, combined with a few others in Futures, deserves to be among the top 700 in the ATP rankings and he is the youngest retiree in the Top 1000. “It’s always good but we can’t rest there, he said prudently. But of course it’s encouraging for the next. A victory like that, (challenger, NDLR), when there is mediation, it falls a little too far. I tried to do with, to continue to train myself, because it doesn’t mean anything. There is so much more to do to get to the top. “

His second strike, the young Debru has just signed Roland-Garros with his Junior Championship. Just before that, he took advantage of the first round of qualifications in the “big”. There, too, has never been seen in Grand Chelem for a young player since Bernard Tomic in 2008. With a foot on both circuits, the French can thus measure what separates the juniors from the pros.

They are even more powerfuljuge-t-il. Norbert Gombos, who I played in qualifiers, hits very hard. He has the ability to get me away from the ball as fast as the juniors. In juniors we see players who can do it, but they give a lot more points and the important points are less well played I find. For example, you’re going to be 30 A and you’re going to earn two easy points, on two direct fouls, a double, a stupid rate point. For the pros, you haven’t won this kind of point. Me, I had two set balls (against Gombos), I took two winning right shots. “

On paper, Boris Vallejo’s protégé (they started their collaboration just before Roland-Garros), has plenty of cards in hand to peruse upstairs. At a height of four-twenty-five meters, it has the profile-type of a modern player. Good server, good striker, solid in the background and mobile despite its large size … which is otherwise perhaps not definitive. “These last twelve months, I have continued to grow, he tells us. I can’t give my exact size in two or three years but I think I’ll take a few more centimeters, two or three. I don’t think I can reach two meters, but not far. “

Gabriel Debru at Roland-Garros 2022

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The one at the juniors at Wimbledon

This ultra-fast growth is a corn aussi un élément à géner avec doigté. “When we are too big, be it my back, my elbows, my legs, we have to make a fussrecall the Tricolore. But it must still work. There is good fatigue and bad fatigue. Know to stop at the right moment or, conversely, to add when it is the right fatigue to be able to progress further. The management of his body is very important. It’s learning. If we make too important charges, we risk getting hurt. There are times when it is hard. But it is a long term job.“Because of its large size, its long side is up to the eyes. In a nutshell, the goal is to be physically fit,” he said.ibuhos be more durable, and more solid on the supports as well“.

In all senses of the formula, Gabriel Debru is therefore a great hope for French tennis. But perfect on all fronts, which is all but illogical. “All my game remains to workestime-t-il. I try to support myself on good service. I don’t give too many points in the game no more in general. But I wanted to go further and further, because I am so big. To serve fly, serve me further flying to finish the points. Prepare as soon as possible to send more. “

After his bachelor of French, he will head to England to play what, a priori, should have been his last two junior competitions, in Nottingham and, most notably, Wimbledon, where he will try to double the lead after Roland. “But I’ve never played on grass beforethe Iserois smiled. I’m more comfortable on rocky ground, but I think I’m a player who adapts to all surfaces. “After that, it will be time for him to definitely turn to the professional circuit. At his pace.

Today, this continues in the Futures circuit. It’s important I think to win one or two Futures before going to the challengers, it will show that I have the level to go to the higher level that’s important for me“, explains Debru. But he doesn’t shoot plans on the comet. Especially not at the level of the ATP rankings, even if it has advanced rapidly in recent months.”If I were to ask questions, I wouldn’t be able to sort out the things I wanted to do, for the first time“He looks at another approach:”I tell you that if I’m bored, the ranking will follow and it will work. The results will follow.“As for the bacon, in short.

Gabriel Debru: after Roland-Garros, place in the back!

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