Frontignan: suspicion of food poisoning or rugby tournament

Twelve young players took part in a shower on Sunday 12 June at the end of the day on the occasion of the Frontignan rugby tournament.

A dozen young rugby players who took part in the Frontignan Giants Tournament, June 11-12, were victims of what turned out to be food intoxication on Sunday at the end of the day. The players of two teams (one from Drôme, the other from Auvergne) were taken aback and were taken care of by firefighters at the Frontignan barracks.

1,800 children over the two days of the tournament

Seven of them were observed at Sète Hospital. Their state of health presents no concern. The regional health agency will now conduct an investigation to determine the origin of these vomiting. Frontignan Stadium welcomed some 1,800 children during the two days of competition.

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