from hockey player winter to aspiring marathon summer

Val-d’Or Foreurs player takes part in the Ultramarathon Leucan

By pursuing chevelure aux profits de la fondation de Leucan, Hugo Larkin participated in a premier ultramarathon at the relais au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

COURSE – The word “challenge” resonates in Hugo Larkin’s head. Returning to the Lac-Saint-Jean region after his first season with the Val-d’Or Foreurs, the defender decided to keep himself in shape in the grandest way: to participate in an ultramarathon as a team for the foundation Leucan.

Adept of physical conditioning, the native of Saint-Félicien and never hesitant to give for the community. With the extra d’amasser of at least 500 $ and dons et d’avoir rasé ses cheveux, the hockeyeur s’est embarqué dans une aventure sportive de tous les instants. For 32 hours, Larkin and members of his group each ran the equivalent of a marathon, at a distance of five kilometers, in a loop that left Chicoutimi to make the tour of Lake Saint-Jean and return to the point of ‘ origin. A “small” ballad about 300 kilometers from the race track.

Already interested in the light of the event, the one who has just celebrated his 18th birthday has decided to raise the difficulty level by signing up five days from the start. An injury to one foot of another participant having opened the door to the Foreurs player, who has already invested time in the Leucan cause.

“I am grateful for life to be in good health and to have two legs. It’s nice to have a lot of material things, but health comes first. You see children lying on their hospital bed continuing to smile at photos or during virtual calls, it makes it emotional. Being able to combine the excess of self and a cause that holds me in my heart is really a beautiful experience, ”Hugo Larkin points out.

“I managed to do some training, but I could see that he was missing me. The course is a sport that is different and sous-estimé. It is not enough to run, because there are really techniques. At the cardio level, it was perfect for me. On the other hand, at the muscular level, being in shoes instead of cats, I discovered muscles around the ankle that I did not know existed, ”the Félicinois did not hide.

Learn to run

Even if the basic movement has been acquired for a long time, Hugo Larkin had to expand his knowledge and do some research to avoid serious injury. He also approached some marathon enthusiasts to maximize his preparation. Commenting on positioning his body during the race to the recovery segment, the athlete considers having expanded his sporting horizons throughout this process.

“Instead of making big cuts, I was told that the pace was more important. I was told to take small steps to reduce the impact of your foot when you touch the ground. In addition, I had to keep my back as straight as possible, because in the long run, you can create inflammation, ”said the Foreurs player, who lined the ice baths after the event.

“I don’t really have the physics of a Marathon. If you haven’t thought about it all, it measures 6’2 ”, where 200 pounds and what you are in prize de masse, it’s different “, said the one who was selected in the 138th round during the 2020 screening of the LHJMQ.

Hugo Larkin - Ultramarathon Leucan

Hugo Larkin (front row, second from left) ran the equivalent of a marathon during the event.

Without confirming 100% that he will take the blow next year, Larkin already knows that he could better prepare for this kind of event if he had to re -register, leaving to bring some of his teammates into the adventure. .

“Everyone is getting along well with the team, so I’m going to take no matter what. I could ask someone like Frédéric Potvin to accompany me. He is my best chum in the team, but unfortunately, he remains in Abitibi, so he left me all alone there, ”laughs #7 in green and gold.

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