From Cameroon to Ussel, to the summit of European rugby: the beautiful story of Dany Priso (La Rochelle)

“Sa n’a rien sans rien. A leitmotiv that makes the Priso family strong. Originally from Cameroon, she settled in Ussel in the 2000s. Her mother, Chamberline, first arrived in France before having her first three children, William, Ernest and Dany, in 2006. The last two, Guy and Franck was born in Ussel. “We arrived on Saturday, Monday, we were already at school and enrolled in the football club,” recalls Ernest, who is now 31 years old.

Dany Priso, d’Ussel (Corrèze) or XV de France

Begin the history of siblings with no ambition to pour the unique limit of child integration ats la société. “My mother came to France looking for a better life. When you arrived, she did everything to integrate us to the maximum in the city. And it already goes through school, ”continues Ernest, now an engineer at BTP. His elder brother, William, 33 years old, also became an engineer, in the computer sector.

Integration by sport

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In addition, sporting practice also helped in the insertion of the three elders into ordinary life. Not to mention football, however, Dany was found somewhat by chance, one night after school, on a rugby field.

“One day, I followed my college friends to after -class training. I didn’t know anything and I didn’t have an affair but the coach pushed me to try, ”he says, a nostalgic piece.

Dany Priso (empty)

He is offered shorts, a jersey and baskets, and the one who until now has not had the interest to run forward to make back passes with an oval ball, is found on a rugby field. “At that moment, I was a little lost, it’s true,” he continued grinning.

At 17, his beginnings are timorous but his progression, fluctuating. “My first installation, it was a trick, it relates to getting worse. I didn’t even know what it was to do, I did it like football. A small beginner’s mistake that cost him a yellow card but that didn’t hold him back from the career he was waiting for.
Almost 10 years later, after starting in Limoges and a passage through the French Stadium, Dany Priso, 28, became European champion by winning the Rugby Champions Cup with the Rochelais Stadium (victory over Leinster on 28 May last, NDLR.) an international crown came to make a family proud. “I don’t think I can do it yet,” said his mother, Chamberline. It’s such pride. By imposing “rules” on her five children during their childhood, she has, since her arrival in France, done everything to guide them on the path to success. “She is at the center of everything. She has sacrificed a lot for us, ”says the rugby player.

A story linked to the city of Ussel

However, the time of adaptation of this modest family who live in part in Douala, the economic capital and main business center of Cameroon, in Central Africa, has taken time. “It always took a good time to adapt to this small town,” Ernest recalls. But our mother was a batterer. »

I will return to Ussel with the European Cup to present to the public.

For several years, Chamberline Priso held a trade in downtown Ussel. An activity that she had to put an end to because of the health crisis. Since then, she has resumed her studies, currently completing her nursing degree. An example of perseverance, always instilled in his sons.

From Cameroon to Ussel to the summit of European rugby, Dany Priso, like his brothers, did nothing. “Very soon, I will return to Ussel with the European Cup to present it to the public. »

Vincent Faure


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