four days of sports and convivial exchanges around handball

The national light event is recognized so much for its technical dimension as for the many moments of exchange and sharing. This training is the recycling of the handball organizer level or the interregional coach level.

A unique concept in honor of a man: Guy Otternaud, one of the pioneers of handball in Aquitaine.

A spirit of gathering

Player, educator, coach, trainer, he has traveled the Aquitain and French territory for several decades to develop this collective sport. He had at heart throughout his militant life to gather the people around him, in an always convivial spirit.

This spirit is the driving force of the internship: around the handball activity, the trainees had the opportunity to discover the Medoc, his vineyard, his castles, his vines and his estuary.

On the sports side, training experts were present in order to better mentor the many trainees. For this new edition, the latter had, once again, the chance to share the experience of coaches and trainers with multiple titles including: Olivier Krumbholz, selector of the French women’s team, and Franckîur Maurice professionnel, as well as neoaquitain handball coaches and trainers.

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