Former ABA players are still hoping for an NBA financial move

As president of the players ’union, Chris Paul no longer offers more, it’s to offer illness insurance to all players who have evolved at least three years in the NBA.

Since 1965, all former basketball players of the league (on condition of avoiding playing for at least three years) also receive a pension. A system that, however, does not take into account the former ABA players, whose league merged with the NBA in 1976, leaving no bad former ABAs on the pitch and now without retirement.

For years, the Dropping Dimes Foundation, which seeks to financially aid these former ABA players, has been alert to this injustice, calling on the NBA to align its system.

Founder of the association, Scott Tarter is thus angry. One month later, he saw Sam Smith die at the age of 79. The ABA champion along with the Utah Stars is engaged in laissés-pour-compte, sans retraite and sans assurance santé, de la fusion ABA/NBA. He was not the least bit ill because after working at Ford in Indianapolis, he was able to obtain a retirement pension. But that wasn’t enough to close the months and he had to apply for a loan from the Dropping Dimes Foundation to pay for his daughter’s funeral.

“It’s the money he won. This is not a gift. He won it »

Before he died, Sam Smith was therefore placed on his hospital bed with an ABA balloon.

“I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards him.” explained Scott Tarter, l’auteur du cliché. “And he told me, ‘I’m going to do my best for the NBA to help these guys.’ »

This staging may be uncomfortable but for Scott Tarter, it is the only means for the NBA to finally build on the fate of 138 former ABA players who are waiting for a move on his part. Porte-parole of the NBA, Tim Frank assured the league is in negotiations with the Dropping Dimes Foundation with a solution.

Ibuhos si Scott Tarter, ABA players should be able to benefit from the same system as those in the NBA, with $ 400 in pension allowances for each disputed season. In total, your coûterait or maximum 35 million dollars for a year, the number of calculations of the Dropping Dimes Foundation, so the levels of arrangement of récupérées for NBA auprès des joueurs, and qu’elle then distributed to various charitable associations.

Pour Sam Smith, your aurait offers une retraite mensuelle of 2 000 dollars, qui aurait tout change.

“It broke my heart to see at what point he was a big NBA fan and player. He had no rancor and did not want them. He died without any recognition, without respect, without any pension It was the money he won. This is not a gift. He won it » conclusion by Scott Tarter.

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