Football. Theater coup in R2: Going towards a relocation, Bourguébus was (again) hot

This is especially to have Anas Lamrabette – as here against Verson – that Vire lost on the green carpet against West Cotentin. A defeat with a penalty point that rocked the fight for maintenance… © Aline Chatel

Ten days after the last match, the Regional 2 championship continues to play extensions with a certain talent for suspenseful scenes. Condemned before the last day, saved almost miraculously after this last rendezvous, Bourguébus feared disillusionment a few days later. Finally, in a file that still asks to be completed by the Normandy Football League, the Bourguebusians seem to be well maintained in R2. The last released would no longer be West Cotentin but the Vire reserve.

Heavy artillery in West Cotentin

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, the AF Virois had released the heavy artillery on the West Cotentin field. He had to earn it to ensure his survival in Region 2. Aussitôt said, ausitôt done. In addition to Anas Lamrabette and Dorian Charlier, regular members of the first team in National 3, Julien Prudence’s homes were 3-1. This subsequent third success would offer them sixth place in the final standings.

Reports that do not pass

The next day, the word “reserve”, however, appeared in place of the score on the LFN website. A week later, the fears of Vire were confirmed. Ibuhos had to play five non-qualified elements, not just from the first team, Vire lost 1-0 on the green carpet and was seen to inflate a penalty point. With less than four points, the men of Bocage slipped from the first half of the table to the tenth place synonymous, in theory, with immediate relief.

Bourguebus thought of paying the bills

West Cotentin, ninth, was saved. But Bourguébus, widely ahead of the Manchois in the top tenth standings (now thanks to the fact that no team from Normandy went down from National 2 to National 3), preserved his advantage over the total of four chickens if Vire prenait the place of the USOC? À premier vue, no. “It was thought that Vire had only one penalty point,” said Benoît Veyrinas, Bourguébus’s future ex-coach. But it was rumored that they had taken another in the course of the season against Saint-Pair. Saint-Pair (eighth, ed.) Is part of the teams integrated in the mini-championship to maintain… »

Lack of vigilance … and luck

The two penalties recorded this season in Group A of Region 2 were inflicted on Vire. On February 5, 2022, the Virois had lost 4-0 to Saint-Pair and had received, in the first place, a penalty point for having aligned an eligible player in A but suspended in B. The Saint-Pair club, large winner on the land, had not come to account for the scandal. It was a random check of the match sheet in the following week that had been fatal to the reservists.

Fatal punishments in Vire

Without penalty points, Vire cumulates 13 units or a mini-championship for the best tenth place, or a length longer than Bourguébus. But with those penalty points being counted, the Virois totaled 11 points, against 12 for the BSFC. Bourguébus remains however masinop. “Everyone at the club is waiting,” says Benoît Veyrinas. For now, these are just interpretations of the rule. »

“It’s too surrealistic”

On the flip side, President Christophe Lécuyer acknowledges that the loss on the carpet towards West Cotentin is “unquestionable.” “What’s more, it’s double pain. It doesn’t seem very logical or very appropriate to me that penalty points are used twice against us. Vire fears having to pay for a complex arrangement at the end of the season for reserve teams.

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I have never heard of this point of regulation and I am not the only one. It becomes very complicated for coaches to manage end -of -season compositions.

Christophe Lécuyer, president of l’AF Virois

Two years after its rise to R2, the Vire reserve should therefore be returned to the scorer. “Finishing in sixth place and finding yourself relieved eight days later is quite surrealistic. With a duo of mentors named Prudence-Sauvé, Vire could expect a whole other denial But prudence, in fact, obliges us to remain on guard. This beautiful Region 2 may not be enough to surprise us.

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