Football: the papys draw their reverence!

“Majid, are you waiting for us when you stop?” The question dated a little over a decade ago at Majid Mengouchi has finally been answered. Well, at 43, he decided to put an end to his very long career and emerge with him, Julien Delonglée, 39, his teammate and lifelong friend.

Saint-Pryvé reserve frames, they will play their last match in the Loiret Cup final against Saran (reserve team), Saturday (7pm), in Saint-Jean-le-Blanc. Team players of excellence, hard-hitting and defensive attackers, they came back on their exceptional length before this final rendezvous.

“Always attached to us”

What has made you last so long?

Majid Mengouchi: “The enjoyment of sports, football in particular, team life, clothing, simply.”
Julien Delonglée: “Yes, it’s the passion of football. Like Majid, I’ve been doing it since I was very young. The Covid could have covered everything. It was the opposite, I quickly felt a lack at the physical level. The dresser and the lands, I have needed. Even after that, it will always remain with us. “

“Pay homage to our women”

Contrary to many, the passion is therefore not stagnant over the years. JD: “Already, I had the chance to do my job. And this passion, she is always present, no matter the level. It also benefits the immense understanding of our women. “
MM: “If they play again, it’s thanks to them too!”
JD: “They have to pay tribute because football, it’s the weekends, the weekends, the dates that change in the last moment. For the organization of family life, it’s always complicated.”
MM: “And for us, it wasn’t easy. We wanted to be family but we also wanted to be with the team. We were a little stuck, so we made commitments. But it was more and more difficult. “

Physical and family life

What are the reasons that pushed you to stop?

MM: “It’s really the physical pain, the ankle that I call, the arthritis that has developed over the years. I was diagnosed with it twelve years ago … If I hadn’t had these worries , I might have done an extra season, as usual! Julien, he is in full shape! “
JD: “Yes, it goes. It’s more the side of family life. When Majid let me play last summer to play with him in reserve, my wife told me to make the most of it. That’s it what we have done with this beautiful season. After that, it will be for me to help. “

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The premiere … in Guyana
Memories, anecdotes, Majid Mengouchi and Julien Delonglée were obviously on the skin. In common, “even if finally, we played only four seasons together”, or separately. And an entire journal would not be enough to trace the best, around of mounts with the USO and in particular that of CFA en National (2010) “with an exceptional group and players that can still be seen today.”
But since they will discuss their last match together this Saturday, let’s talk premiered in January 2004… in Guyana. “USO had a Cup match. Me, I just wanted to sign the trophy,” recalls Julien Delonglée. And Majid Mengouchi to renchérir. “Julien isn’t expansive. And he had to sing in front of everyone. It wasn’t easy for him! But we had both the same mentality, on the ground and outside. The current quickly passed between us. “The proof…

“A more individualistic foot”

It has been more than 20 years that you have been on the lands. How do you judge the evolution of football?

MM: “I remember the DH (with the FCO), I was 17 years old, it was very physically engaged matches! Same at the USO where we were very expected. Since then, technically, the level has progressed well. “
JD: “It’s especially more individualistic. It’s my strength, but it’s not specific to football. Young people can do more things technically, but mentally, it goes fast over time. We’ve all crossed paths. players with potential and in the end, it’s not over. “
MM: “This was not the case in Saint-Pryvé because Matthieu (Pousse, the coach) framed the matter well. But often, we see happy players because they have managed a little jump or a resumption of flying, even if they are lost. If, in addition, it was filmed, they are content! “
JD: “We, are more of a team player who do their best to win together, with a collective spirit. That’s why we are also friends in life.”

“Hey, I’m going to wash my shoes …”

This difference in mentality could discourage you …

MM: “We both have an ease of adaptation. We are playful and young in our heads. We have the habit of living in a group. And when he has a good mentality, we go.”
JD: “When we started, the old people already said that the young people respected them less. It’s probably the same thing today, isn’t it?”
MM: “At the beginning of my career, the old people would say to me, ‘Hold on, take off my shoes.’ There were no questions. There, today, I say that to a young man, I’m going to make a room for me! “

The bios
Majid Mengouchi

On September 8, 1978 in Orléans, 43 years.
1.78 m, 76 kg.
Course: USM Saran (youth), FCO Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle (1993-98, youth, DH), US Orléans (1998-2010, DH, CFA2, CFA), Saint-Pryvé (2010-22, CFA, CFA2, R2).
Julien Delonglée
On March 23, 1983 in Montfermeil (93). 39 years.
1.84 m, 75 kg.
Defensive terrain.
Course: Beauvais (2002-04, L2, Nat), US Orléans (2004-06, CFA), Romorantin (2006-08, Nat), Saint-Pryvé (2008-09, CFA2), US Orléans (2009-16, CFA, Nat, L2), Chartres (2016-18, CFA), Saint-Pryvé (2018-20, then 2021-22, CFA, R2).

Always close to the terrain or the sport

Magkomento are you going to spend your weekends at home?

MM: “I have two boys who play football, so I’m going to be on the edge of the fields and see full of old people who are coaches or who have their kids who play. Julien, it’s different, he has a little girl! “
JD: “She doesn’t do football, but she loves the sport very well. I will be able to occupy her and follow her in what she wanted to do. And I will try many other sports.”
MM: “There will also be more evenings together! So before, we only had the after-match to make a few extra!”
JD: “It may also be due to our hygiene of life and the willingness to maintain what we have worn over the long haul.”

“Football will always be with us”

Comment will you live this last meeting? What do you think during the match?

JD: “We will especially do everything to lift the cup. It would be good for us, for the club and for the young people who would have a great memory. It is in these moments that lasting friendships are created.”
MM: “No, I’m not going to think. Already, I don’t know how much time I’m going to play, how much time I’m going to hold. And for me, I don’t have the head to stop. I know physically, I do I can’t play anymore, but for me, I don’t stop. Football will always be with us. ”

13:30 p.m.Coupe Loko: Montargis – Suggestions.
14 hours.Rollet Cup: Marigny – Saint -Lyé (Sandillon field).
16 hours.Coupe Bergerard: Châteauneuf – Suggestions.
16 hours.Coupe Grodet: FCO Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle-Amily.
4:30 p.m.Wild Cup: Saran (3) -Boigny/Chécy (Sandillon land).
19 hours.Coupe du Loiret: Saran (2)-St-Pryvé/St-Hilaire (2).

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