Football: Stuttgart player suspected of rape arrested in Ibiza

On holiday in Ibiza, Atakan Karazor was arrested over the weekend by Spanish police. The 25 -year -old German middle -aged man, who lives in Stuttgart, is suspected of raping an 18 -year -old woman.

Footballer Atakan Karazor has been placed in custody. While he was on holiday on the Ibiza side, the Stuttgart square was arrested by Spanish police and detained for sexual assault over the weekend, the Iberian press reported on Saturday. Along with another “German researcher”, he is accused of being raped by an 18 -year -old woman.

The events will take place Wednesday night in a villa located near the airport and a reputable restaurant. According to the alleged victim’s account, of Spanish origin, the two Germans, both aged 25, had been forced to have sexual relations in the villa where they were staying.

Prisoned at Can Misses Hospital, the young woman filed a complaint, alleging the detention without custody of Atakan Karazor and the other young man after being heard by an investigating judge. As the case erupted in Germany, his club Stuttgart reacted this Sunday to his arrest.

The latter indicated that his player, who extended his contract until 2026, “did not commit any crime”, without specifying why he had been arrested and refuses to make “additional comments for the time being.” The formation of the Bundesliga and an indicated that the midfielder, who had joined Stuttgart in 2019, is “in permanent contact with his lawyers”.

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