Football: revive the quarterfinals of the Normandy Cup FCEH – Avranches “B” live comment

Théo Dufour’s FCEH was not far from a new goal, three days after having eliminated Flers in the 8th final. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)

Le FCEHsacred champion of Regional 2continues his adventure in Normandy Cup.

The équeurdrevillaise team receives the ‘US Avranches «B», National 3 team, in the quarterfinals, this Saturday 11 June (19:00) at the René-Lecanu Stadium. Follow the match live comment.

The direct comment

End of match: FCEH-Avranches “B”: 0-1. This is the end of double dreams for FCEH, which falls on a team not forcefully superior in the game, but who will have to show themselves more realistically. The Equeurdrevillais are thus finishing their superb season, while the French reservists hope to go to the end of this Normandy Cup.

90 ‘+1: The public pushes his team, but Avranches is doing well (0-1)

89 ′: Baptiste Lelong’s half-volley passes two meters above. Hope fades for FCEH… (0-1)

84 ′: But refused to pour le FCEH! After a bad corner driven by the French defense, Gautier resumed half-volley. Lebreton is bred by Lelong, who chops the balloon and brand. But the squatter attacker was off-game… (0-1)

82 ′: New opportunity équeurdrevillaise, but Giguet and then V. Pasquier see their shots blocked by French defenders. (0-1)

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80 ′: Head of Belpré for Avranches, on a corner. The balloon fills the frame a bit (0-1)

78 ′: Great opportunity for the FCEH! On a deep balloon, Jean-Marie Collin hands over the head to Clément Leclerc who bounces back without letting the balloon bounce. It passes close to the Lebreton pole. The Lecanu public believed in the legalization (0-1).

75 ′: New opponent for Avranches, but the ball is a bit long as Le Roux comes out at Gailliot’s feet. The FCEH is bound to show danger since the return of the vests (0-1)

68 ′: Yellow cardboard for the Avranchinais Blandin, to have V. Pasquier crochet. On the free kick that followed, Le Moigne resumed flying with his shot past to the side (0-1).

62 ′: Despite a hot situation with the return of the vests, the FCEH is too bad to show itself dangerous in this second period (0-1)

57 ′: Massive occasion pour Avranches «B»! Leloutre rates his dislocation at the entrance to the surface, Gailliot picks up and strikes to the ground. The Red rests perfectly on the foot. The FCEH was very hot! (0-1)

53 ′: Against French lightning, after a corner for the FCEH. Boursin puts Belpré on the ax, but the latter pushes too much of his balloon at Le Roux. (0-1)

46 ′: It returns to Lecanu, with changes on each side. Thibault Le Moigne, Clément Leclerc and Florian Pasquier return for FCEH, Lény Belpré and Adam Gailliot for Avranches “B”. (0-1)

Temps: FCEH-Avranches «B»: 0-1. Cold pickles from 9 p.m.e minutes into a goal by Simon Blandin, the Equeurdrevillais reacted well, creating several opportunities. But the heads of Baptiste Lelong and Vincent Pasquier ended up on the top, and the French guard repulsed Lelong’s long-term attempts on strike. He has some time left at FCEH to go and find the exploit.

39 ′: Tom Giguet picks up a yellow card to try to hit Blaecke, even if he doesn’t touch it (0-1)

36 ′: Coup franc lointain de Baptiste Lelong, ats la niche de Lebreton (0-1)

34 ′: After the FCEH’s hard time, the rhythm is changed and the game is played especially in the middle of the field. (0-1)

26 ′: Yellow cardboard for Loïc Gautier, after an over -supported tack on a Frenchman (0-1).

23 ′: Sylvain Lemaitre’s long center depuis la droite, Vincent Pasquier’s tete and the pas cadrée. FCEH is even more dangerous (0-1)

20 ′: Sous un grand soleil, about 200 spectators garnished the Stade René-Lecanu to encourage FCEH. The R2 club compete in the game with the French, but are still behind the score (0-1)

18 ′: After a center coming from the right, Lelong places a head that ends out of frame (0-1).

16 ′: Baptiste Lelong’s free kick, full axle at 25 m, did not hit Lebreton, despite a vicious rebound. Corner (0-1).

14 ′: The FCEH is trying to react, but without creating an opportunity for the moment (0-1).

9 ′: After a round of observation between the two teams, the first chance is good for Avranches “B”. Blaecke handed over to Blandin, whose strike at the entrance of the Le Roux trumpet surface. It’s a bad start for the FCEH. (0-1)

Team compositions: FCEH: Le Roux, Lemaitre, Leloutre, Gautier, Collin, Lezec (cap), Anger, Dufour, Lelong, V. Pasquier, Giguet. Trainer: Christophe Gosselin.

Avranches “B”: Lebreton, Menard, Boursin, Nidoy, Chauvin, Hamard, Blandin, Rennes (cap), Ott, Blaecke, Delaunay. Trainer: Christophe Duboscq.

The FCEH disputed their 8e final on Wednesday 8 June and created the surprise on the field of Flers, club of R1 (0-0, tab 9-8).

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