Football/National. Benjamin Corgnet quits FBBP 01

At the end of the contract, Benjamin Corgnet will no longer wear the colors of FBBP 01 in National, next season.

Le milieu de 35 ans, arrivé au mercato hivernal de 2021, at son club na hindi pa nagkalamang ang trouvé d’accord pour une prolongation. In a year and a half, the former ASSE player will have played 33 championship matches and scored six goals.

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Departs at a waterfall with the guards

Among the other players to leave the FBBP 01 free this summer, there are three guards: Anthony Maisonnial, last season’s title, Charly Jan, arrived from Nantes in six months, and number 3 Gaëtan Blaichet. The Bressan club will have to recruit for this position, even if it has already found its number 1, the Orléanais Franck L’Hostis (32 years).

Defender Anthony Soubervie didn’t last long, not including them, as did Jeffrey Quarshie (Le Mans), Romain Montiel (Martigues) and Brandon Agounon (Orléans) at new clubs.

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